Caregiver Support

Advancing Engagement Technology

Transparency, connectivity, and guidance for caregivers

Keep caregivers, patients and dependents connected throughout their unique treatment journey.

Medisafe Profile

Personalized Profiles

Organized interventions by caregiver and patient needs for communication.


Data Synchronization

Validated medication management across devices and throughout the care network.

Medisafe Digital Support

Holistic Support

Guidance that Incorporates medications, appointments, health, lifestyle and indication guidance.

Medisafe Empowerment

Persona Empowerment

The right resources at the right time for personalized treatment support.

A Digital Experience That's All About Patients and Their Caregivers

Personalized support is at the center of patient engagement technology. By helping users manage complex medication regimens, we create peace of mind for the entire informal care network.

Technology & Innovation

Understanding patients and their networks

Medisafe supports complex treatment journeys for patients and caregivers alike – but no two are alike. Insights captured from daily actions of millions of users across therapeutic areas help customize support for your patient population.

Medisafe-Lash Case Study

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Humanizing Patient Engagement Technology

Personalized insights and dynamic profiles free users from the burden of medication management and engages them in all phases of their treatment journey.