Dear Pharma: Why do you want to build your own adherence app?


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“Plato was right. Necessity is the mother of invention. In my [Omri’s] case, necessity was a matter of life and death.  My father, diabetic and hypertensive for nearly 20 years, didn’t feel well one Friday afternoon and couldn’t remember if he had taken his medications that day. After telling him that I hadn’t seen him take his medications (not that he hadn’t in fact taken them), he mistakenly took them a second time. It wasn’t long before my dad became very ill, and I realized he had overdosed. If I hadn’t acted quickly, he might have gone into a diabetic coma.

Fortunately my father is fine today, but at the time I couldn’t understand how there were no protocols to avoid these types of dangerous, often life-threatening mistakes. That frightful afternoon drove my brother Rotem and me to develop the Medisafe platform to prevent medication overdoses, and more generally address what we had learned was an enormous medical and health cost issue: medication non-adherence….”

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