We are the only company creating personalized digital health solutions that solve the complex problem of medication management for both the individual patient and the healthcare system as a whole.

Our technology improves the patient experience, saves lives, and promotes deep collaboration at every level of the healthcare industry, leading to better outcomes for all.

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Millions of satisfied patients trust our top-rated app to help manage complex, specialized medication regimens.

The data they generate offers valuable insights which you can use to make the best possible decisions for your business. We give pharmaceutical companies, hub services, payers, and everyone else in the healthcare ecosystem the tools they need to gain critical insights into patient behavior by filling in the gaps in data.


We work with partners in a three-pronged approach to connect all parts of the healthcare ecosystem and improve outcomes across the board.

Access real-time data, and finally close the gaps in your organization’s understanding of patient behavior—no longer will you have to rely on out-of-date or latent information to make important business decisions.
Employ the power of predictive analytics to engage with your patients at the perfect moment. We set up and deploy whatever messages you want to communicate: prescription savings offers, news about your brand, or even proactive digital interventions that improve patient behavior.
Medisafe now provides a value-driven partnership option to partners. In this new model, the cost of a Medisafe license will depend on the value provided to a medication brand as measured by an increase in prescription refills. Learn more.
We let you empower your patients with trusted technology to improve their adherence by relieving their stress and confusion.

Our platform gives you access to information not available from claims data and traditional sources.

With the anonymized patient information we provide, you can close the gaps in your data, and take decisive steps to help your patients stay on track. By tracking their medications through our robust, easy-to-use interface, patients provide us with valuable data about their day-to-day behavior—data which healthcare companies can use to help improve adherence. With Medisafe, you can engage your patients digitally at key points in their medication schedules, helping them keep up with their prescriptions.

We work with you to create the solution that’s right for your organization. Contact us today to learn how you can leverage our robust medication management platform to suit your needs

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