Medisafe Wins Multiple 2021 Vega Digital Awards

Press Release
Medisafe Wins Multiple 2021 Vega Digital Awards

BOSTON – November 19, 2021 – After a thorough deliberation in the judging process, the 2021 Vega Digital Awards had its curtain call when they announced the list of winners. Out of 1,392 entries, Medisafe has taken both the Centauri and Arcturus Award, recognizing its achievements in digital health for its advanced digital drug companion and its innovative digital app.

“Medisafe continues to support patients in reimaging the digital patient journey with an advanced solution that presents an essential tool in the lives of millions of patients and caregivers toward achieving better health and positive outcomes,” said Medisafe CEO Omri Shor. “The latest recognition demonstrates the impact of digital innovation to advance the healthcare ecosystem and the effect of technology to connect patients with essential guidance and support throughout their journey.”

The Vega Digital Awards leverages on its host, the International Awards Associate (IAA) to capture the attention the creative digital media industry worldwide. “Given the context of recent events, seeing these brilliant minds at work convinces me that the digital medium is undoubtedly the future,” Kenjo Ong, the CEO of IAA remarked. “If this is the level of excellence while we are still in the ‘new normal’, it excites me to think about what the future holds.”

IAA invited exemplary professionals from the industry as jurors, as a measure to guarantee impartiality and high standards of assessment. The jury is responsible for selecting the best works out of the lot, in hopes of propelling the industry ahead as these works become a benchmark of excellence.

Every single entry is evaluated using relevant industry standards. To ensure impartiality, blind judging is exercised, and jurors are only able to assess each entry purely on its own merits. Recognition of Medisafe’s advancements in digital platforms, earning awards in multiple categories, places the company alongside other notable global winners that include Nike, Disney, HP, Ford, and eBay.

“It is humbling to see talented individuals thriving in their craft despite the pandemic,” Ong noted. “Excellence pushes people towards greatness in spite of adversity, and Medisafe certainly captured that notion of excellence.”