Case Studies

Asthma inhaler and pills

Medisafe Discovers Mismanagement of Leading Asthma Medication

May 22, 2023

Medisafe data shows that more than 25% of patients who take a leading asthma medication do so in the morning. Guidelines from the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program (NAEPP) state that this medication should only be taken at night for maximum efficacy. Medisafe analyzed real-time, de-identified and aggregate patient-reported data gathered from thousands of…

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National Rollout Case Study

[CASE STUDY] Pharma Leader Sees How Digital Support Amplifies Results

Feb 22, 2022

When faced with challenges assisting patients with access to support programs, a global pharma leader turned to Medisafe for a digital solution. This pharma leader required flexible technology that would elevate their existing program and reimagine the standard, telephonic approach. Among the findings: Combining the Human element of a support program with digital is pivotal…

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Lash Medisafe Case Study

Case Study: Using Human & Digital to Improve Medication Adherence

Dec 8, 2021

See how one manufacturer made medication management easier integrating digital engagement with human-touch patient support. The manufacturer of a leading biologic therapy, in consultation with Lash Group, sought to explore using digital technologies to improve adherence among targeted patient groups as they enrolled in a patient support program for the therapy. Learn how Lash Group’s…

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Next Generation Digital Drug Companion

Case Study: Medisafe’s Next Gen Digital Drug Companion

Jan 4, 2020

Digital Therapeutics is revolutionizing the future of healthcare. But no one could have predicted the acceleration of this evolution in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. The time is now to support patients through digital companions. Download the study to learn how Medisafe’s digital drug companions in the emerging world of digital therapeutics are already delivering…

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Medisafe Case Study

Case Study: Empowering Patients Through Digital Solutions

Nov 3, 2019

  Read how Medisafe and Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany joined forces to help patients better manage their disease and adhere to their prescribed medication regimen. In just five months, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany increased adherence rates up to 20% by customizing digital medication programs. Download the study to learn more and see how Medisafe’s customized…

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