Care Connector

Connect ‘High-tech’ and ‘High-touch’ patient support

A direct digital connection taps into daily patient medication management behaviors for actionable insights and proactive interventions. Our proprietary Just-In-Time-Interventions™ (JITI™) technology automates supportive engagement between care support teams and patients, simultaneously reducing the clinician workload and increasing connectivity across the patient journey.

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Everyday Engagement

Optimize engagement throughout the patient journey with the Care Connector

• Incorporate into treatment onboarding for expedited updates about prior authorization and shipping
• Manage maintenance by proactively positioning medication resources including email, text, companion content and video conference API
• Target ‘rising-risk’ patients with analytics and insights based on real-time behavioral assessment

Deploy Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Optimize your care team support with a scalable solution.

Innovative clinician portal to route daily digital interactions
  • Centralizes patient support around direct digital channel
  • Monitor patient medication management activities including adherence reports, content interaction and survey responses
  • Streamline workflow with automated actions, advancing outreach rather than emphasizing it
Incorporate interoperable plugin into existing CRM platforms
  • Eliminates additional clinician UI training
  • Augments patient support paradigm with accurate medication behavioral data
  • ‘Quick count’ summary of patient census available as email output
Improve Visibility

Fill the gaps in everyday care needs with digital support

There are many moments that matter for patients across the mediation management journey. With Medisafe, clinicians can zero in on immediate patient needs and provide real-time care interventions. Watch our Care Connector demo video to learn more, and then reach out to our team for a one-on-one to learn more about our solutions.

Don't choose between efficient and personalized support. Medisafe's Care Connector aligns proactive guidance directly to patients in their everyday lives.

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