Combatting COVID-19

Distance is disconnecting your patients

The Coronovirus pandemic shifted the paradigm of healthcare worldwide. Now is the pivotal time to empower patients through technology. Medisafe's digital solutions connect you with your patients through continuous engagement. We've launched four solutions ready for rapid deployment to strengthen your support strategies.

• Check-in with patients
• Targeted COVID-19 updates
• Digitize patient support promotions
• Continuous digital connectivity

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Real-time data you should know

Patients are using Medisafe to stay informed on COVID-19 advancements, including information about the vaccine. In a recent survey, users shared their thoughts on timing, likeliness to take the vaccine booster, concerns about the process, and impact on communities.

View Our Sept. 2021 Vaccination Survey Results
View Our Jan. 2021 Vaccination Survey Results
View Our Oct. 2020 Vaccination Survey Results View Our April 2020 COVID-19 Survey Results

Get your patients the support they need now! Medisafe is ready with scalable solutions aligned with your COVID-19 needs.

• Medisafe deployed surveys designed with your input, to tap into the current patient mindset
• Within days collect responses for an aggregated, de-identified patient data set
• Incorporate timely content and messages targeted to your patients’ COVID-19 needs
• Swift deployment to patients within weeks
• Drive awareness of your patient support programs through a digital channel
• Target patients and increase engagement within weeks

Medisafe's Care Connector
Everyday Health Partnership

Together Medisafe and Everyday Health, a recognized leader in patient and provider education and services, combine healthcare technology and targeted COVID-19 content to support patients on mobile devices and the web.

Digital medication management support is now infused with industry-leading consumer content provided by Everyday Health, including new resources specifically focused on coronavirus updates, education and tips.

The Coronavirus changed healthcare delivery worldwide.
Medisafe digitally connects you with your patients during this time.
Support your patients today and scale with solutions ready for tomorrow.

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