Digital Drug Companion

Digitally handhold patients
throughout treatment

Every patient requires a different level of care, follow up and intervention, especially when it comes to medication management. Personalized support is critical to combatting patient drop-off. Engage your patients by incorporating your branded digital drug companion into our proven platform. Create authentic support relationships utilizing our advanced technology to personally guide patients across their journeys.

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Holistic Patient Support

From the moment a patient receives a script Medisafe provides integrated support:

  • Navigating the prior authorization process

  • Providing visibility into shipment and refill

  • On-demand medication dosing and administration guidance

  • Proactive and personalized support powered by JITI technology

  • Connecting with clinicians through our Care Connector.

    Partner with Medisafe to leverage our technology
    and create your own branded experience

    Onboarding to Therapy
    As soon as a patient enters your medication, guide them through a dedicated process into your branded program. This includes collecting T&C from patients and helping them through complicated titration schedules.
    Dynamic Patient Support
    At the heart of the digital companion is the content that dynamically changes as your patient matriculates through therapy. The JITI-driven content deploys resources at critical times in addition to collecting information with interactive surveys.
    Activity Hub
    Create an additional layer of support by building out specific patient support programs such as instructions on how to administer medication, assessing eligibility for financial support programs, and ordering refills. Our Activity Hub opens up the journey with integration capabilities.
    Improve Visibility

    Fill the gaps in everyday care needs with digital support

    There are many moments that matter for patients across the medication management journey. With Medisafe, your patients benefit from your branded content and patient journey maps combined with our innovative technology resulting in comprehensive support in your patients' daily lives.

    Break through journey barriers by meeting patients in those moments that matter with personalized medication management support.

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