Just-in-time-interventions (JITI™)

Empower your patients with
hyper-personalized support

Connecting your patients with the right support, at the right time, is critical to breaking through journey barriers. Often these pivotal moments occur in the gaps between touch points. Medisafe's just-in-time-interventions (JITI™) proactively put your support in your patients' hands when they need it. Increase personalized patient engagement, improve medication adherence and extend treatment retention with JITI™.

Dynamic Personalization with AI and ML

Engage at the precise moments that motivate positive medication behaviors.

  • Achieve business goals through personalized digital interventions delivered directly to patients.

  • Incorporate dynamic patient profiles based on contextualized personas, medication-based behaviors, therapeutic resources and journey goals.

  • Utilize AI and ML to automatically adjust interventions that are most successful for each patient

Artificial + Authentic Intelligence

JITI™ creates a personalized experience for each patient in their unique patient journey.

Continuous Patient Support
JITI™ configures dynamic patient profiles based on a combination of behavioral and therapeutic interactions collected in the digital companion.
Precision predictability
Engage patients at precise moments to either motivate or reinforce positive medication behaviors.
Bi-Directional Interaction
Collect information at critical points along patient journeys to enhance the interactions and right-course behavior
Power Differential

Patient support for real people

Dynamic capabilities continually evaluate a superset of patient profile factors (such as age, gender and medications) and individual behavior data (based on engagement in app). This contextually accounts for nuances along each step of the patient journey and offers AI within a digital companion that is as sensitive and perceptive as a human counterpart.

Leverage hyper-personalized patient support and guidance to empower patients in their everyday lives.

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