We create easy-to-use, personalized technology that helps people better manage their medications, and offers healthcare companies meaningful insight into their daily behavior.
The solutions we co-create with our partners free patients from the stress of managing complicated medications, enabling them to lead healthier, safer, and fuller lives.
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People who take medications are more than just patients—they are our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, partners and friends. They are the source of our joy, our inspiration, and our connection to the world around us.

We believe that helping them is more than just a good idea: it’s how we honor our common humanity.


A single medication mistake can cause a patient to suffer needlessly. In some cases, it can kill.

Every day, thousands of patients across the country and around the world take their medications at the wrong time, in the wrong amounts, in doubled doses, or not at all. These human oversights have a cost. In the US alone, 125,000 people die every year due to preventable medication mistakes. They cause a health emergency every forty-five seconds. The US healthcare system spends $300 billion per year addressing the crisis. We’re here to solve this problem. Our technology fosters patient well-being and saves lives—it helps patients manage their medications and provides visibility into their daily behavior. We use this data, gathered from the actions of millions of patients, to generate insights that promote collaboration and smart decision making at every level of the healthcare industry. This leads to better outcomes for all.

Rotem, John, and Omri Shor

In 2012, brothers Omri and Rotem Shor faced a family health emergency. Due to a miscommunication about his medication schedule, their father, a diabetic, accidentally took an extra dose of insulin. It was a mistake which put his life in grave danger. The brothers soon discovered that his experience was far from uncommon. Omri and Rotem realized that such mistakes in medication management have created a global health crisis in need of a solution. They decided to build that solution. Combining their entrepreneurial skills, the brothers created Medisafe to help patients like their father manage complex prescription schedules, and to provide information and promote collaboration throughout the healthcare industry.

In just a few short years, Medisafe has grown from a small startup to a large insights company with 5 million registered users worldwide, 250,000 app store reviews with an average 4.7/5 star rating, and over 2 billion doses managed through our platform.

We continue to grow and evolve as we strive to make healthcare safer and more effective for all.

Leadership Team
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Omri Shor

CEO, Co-founder

Rotem Shor

CTO, Co-founder

Karen Baker


Sean Markey

Chief Business Officer

Jennifer Butler

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian Peterson

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian Carr

VP, Growth

Karen Gardner

VP, Partner Success

Henry Ancona

Board Chairman

Ittai Harel

Managing General Partner
Pitango Venture Capital

Lee Shapiro

Managing Partner
7wire Ventures

Avichay Nissenbaum

General Partner
Lool Ventures

Dudi Klein

Co-Founder, Managing Partner
ALIVE Israel HealthTech Fund

Cris De Luca

Global Head, Digital Investments
Sanofi Ventures


We’re using data to generate the insights which make the world a safer, healthier place.

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Our Values


Empathy helps us understand people’s health challenges and design human-centered solutions that fit seamlessly into their lives. It inspires us to deliver the insights which foster collaboration at every level of the healthcare industry, improving outcomes for all. Empathy forms the bedrock of our company culture.


We believe that there is always a better way. We believe that we can solve any problem we make our own. We believe that the technology we create, the insights we generate, and the good decisions we inspire will lead to a safer, healthier world.


Improving patients’ ability to manage their medications has been our goal since day one. We are relentlessly committed to our cause. Using technology to create better health outcomes for all is more than just our business. It is our mission.


We are proud to have the support of leading companies.

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