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MediSafe helps people integrate healthier behaviour into their daily lives with our first-of-its-kind cloud-synced mobile medication management system. Using everyday technologies people already have, our technology makes it easier for families and friends to give the support needed to help their loved ones get healthier… together.

Help Families Get Healthier. Together.

MediSafe’s co-founding brothers started the company when their diabetic father accidently double-dosed on insulin and suffered an emergency. They understood if they were more involved in reviewing their father’s daily medication and insulin regimens, it could change his behavior for the better and help him get healthier.


Why: Medication non-adherence


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More than 700,000 people were hospitalized because they skipped or took incorrect dosages in the US alone in 2008. Statistically, every 19 minutes an American dies because of medication non-adherence. Whether they are elderly, diabetic, or suffering from a temporary illness, adherence is critical to patients' health.

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We know that medication adherence is a critical factor to the success of treatments and medications. We also know the impact of non-adherence reaches far beyond the health of patients, to include burgeoning healthcare and long-term care costs. We know the barriers to adherence: memory issues, lack of support and lack of education.

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People taking medication are typically not alone. A parent, child, spouse, or someone else close to them is taking some level of responsibility. Still, for both the caretaker and the patient, it's hard to remember every medication on time.

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MediSafe Project has researched and developed family and friend-enhanced support to improve medication and treatment adherence for people with all kinds of medical conditions. Our work has shown us that medication non-adherence stems from a combination of individual AND condition-specific factors.

By applying technological behavioral tools, MediSafe Project learns about patients’ individual barriers to medication compliance within the context of their conditions, allowing for the creation of effective medication compliance programs tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

What: Patient Compliance Solutions

Mobile Solution

An iOS and Android mobile app and cloud- synced database providing medication and treatment adherence program for patients, their family and friends support systems, also offering many benefits to institutional elements of the healthcare system.


MediSafe provides an easy to use interface to help people comply with their medication needs. It's also a way for supportive families, friends and caretakers to identify when patients have taken medication and be alerted when they did not.

Low Tech Solutions

In the beginning of 2015, the system will become accessible to people without smartphones, via an automated phone system and SMS. Patients will be able to record medication doses via touchtone, and caretakers will be able to receive alerts via incoming, automated calls when patients appeared to have missed a dose.

Our Mission

As innovation leaders solving the hazard of medication non-adherence, MediSafe’s goal is increasing the power of family & friend support systems to cause positive, healthy outcomes for each other. We are creating eco-systems around patients that support their medication adherence, leading to positive, systemic population health improvements throughout society.

Businesses solutions


Medisafe lets you deliver personalized medication reminder notifications- specific to each patient & medication. These notifications are being modified in real time through the use of proprietary algorithms combined with predictive analytics to constantly alter the message (text and/or video) based on each patient’s interactions with Medisafe. The result is to continually reinforce medication adherence with fresh relevant communications.


The Medisafe Enterprise Analytics Dashboard provides a menu of standard and custom reports which include medication usage, adherence, effectiveness, geo location, population management and more (anonymous). This gives you real time insights into your customers which can drive marketing programs more broadly than just adherence.


Medisafe unique combination of data, algorithms and analytics helps you identify medication consumption problems as they happen in real time. From this you can develop actionable solutions that ultimately drive enhanced outcomes. You can develop and deliver individualized messages at the right time to change behaviors and positively impact appropriate consumption.

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