Get on top of your meds
so you can

Live Your Life


Custom alerts so you never
forget a dose


All your medication details
in one place


Support from family and an app
that gets to know you

JUNE 6,2015
I now can feel safe that I am properly taking 26 prescriptions. They consist of 48 pills, 5+ shots, use of 3 different inhalants 6x all at different intervals through out a 24 hour schedule.
-Dorothy Biedestedt

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The Value of a Medfriend

When Omri and Rotem founded Medisafe, they knew family (and friend) support was key to helping patients manage their medications and  health. Their personal story inspired them to create the “Medfriend” feature, to make sure the caregiver will be notified if you miss a dose. ...Read Post