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JUNE 6,2015
I now can feel safe that I am properly taking 26 prescriptions. They consist of 48 pills, 5+ shots, use of 3 different inhalants 6x all at different intervals through out a 24 hour schedule.
-Dorothy Biedestedt

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Medisafe Featured in New Research on Wearables

Medisafe’s Head of Marketing and Business Development Jon Michaeli recently participated in an interview series about wearable technology with Washington, DC-based research firm Clutch. He shared valuable insight about how wearables will enhance Medisafe’s goal of addressing non-adherence to prescribed medications. In Medisafe’s interview with Clutch, Michaeli touched on the factors that motivated us to extend our mobile platform to wearables. Significantly, he emphasized that wearables have the potenti...Read Post