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Empower patients by daring to reimagine the treatment journey


Put Your Support in Your Patients' Hands

Leverage digital technology that continously innovates medication engagement.

Personalized support for everyone.  The integrated medication engagement platform incorporates interventions from across the ecosystem.

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Improve First Fill Rate

  • Auto-invite instantly engages program users and accelerates administrative processes required for treatment approval
  • Streamline patient support with transparency from activities of patients' daily lives
  • Motivate patients to 'keep going' through process of getting their medications and preparing them for the 'first take'

Improved Adherence

  • Comprehensive inventory of proactive and personalized notifications & reminders
  • Complex regimen support
  • Persona based condition guidance and support
  • Integrated outreach to support teams

Extension of Persistence

  • Active engagement of patients of time based on established behavior patterns and motivators
  • Combat interruption to treatment associated with coverage gaps/interruptions
  • Break through journey and persona-established barriers with behavioral science

Care Team Connectivity

  • Engage patients with all elements of support available to them
  • Direct digital channel between support teams and their patients increases patient confidence in care
  • Accelerate document submission process with digital mobility

Bringing the Digital Patient Experience to Life

Transforming the Digital Patient Experience

Real-World Data

Medisafe is the most clinically-validated platform in the industry. Our patient centered approach makes management of the most complex treatment regiments possible, and delivers results.

Meet Jessica

Jessica Had a Seizure

"I had a seizure and woke up with aphasia, which means I couldn't talk...I was put on 8 different medications and couldn’t keep track of all that. I downloaded a few applications and the one that worked best was Medisafe. I’m not relying on anybody to tell me when to take my meds anymore."

Jessica | Medisafer since 2015

Meet Makeba
Meet Makeba

Eight Different Prescriptions

"He was given eight different prescriptions upon release from the hospital and it was very overwhelming to me. So I came across Medisafe and it was the best thing that could ever have happened because I don’t know how I would have managed."

Makeba and Son | Medisafer Since 2017

Meet Jessica