Pharmaceutical Companies Can Now Use AI to Streamline the Patient Experience with Medisafe and Infinitus

The result: A seamless, digital first experience throughout the patient journey

Leading pharmaceutical companies are now using AI to help healthcare providers simplify and streamline the patient experience for specialty medications, which can be difficult to access, adhere to, and afford. 

Consider this example: One adolescent Crohn’s disease patient Medisafe Infinitusmust take 12 medications at different times of the day, which is difficult for him and his family to manage. And behind the scenes, his providers are also dealing with complexity, manually verifying insurance coverage, pharmacy availability, and other factors before he can even begin treatment. It’s critical that the patient stay on his medication, but there are hurdles that can make that necessity a challenge, as pharmaceutical companies are well aware. 

Our partnership generates a seamless, digital first experience throughout the patient journey with Infinitus’ AI automated B2B conversations and Medisafe’s Connected Health Platform. We accelerate time to therapy and generate incremental cost savings for scaling businesses.

Let’s dig into a few examples of how in more detail:

  1. Fill in the blanks 

Using Medisafe digital enrollment forms and Infinitus AI benefit investigation, healthcare providers can streamline the enrollment process and ensure benefit data completeness and greater accuracy.

How it works: When a HCP enrolls a patient in a patient access program or prescribes a specialty medication, Medisafe intakes the patient enrollment and provider data. Medisafe then has the ability to directly contact the patient if any information is missing or incorrect – avoiding delays that could occur waiting for a provider to respond. Medisafe can then automatically trigger a call task for Infinitus through the Infinitus API to verify the patient’s eligibility and collect benefit information. This information is returned to Medisafe and used in the personalized treatment journey.

  1. Proactive reverification

Using Medisafe digital enrollment forms and Infinitus prior authorization status checks, healthcare providers can proactively verify prior authorization paperwork is on file and reduce the possibility of delayed access to care.

How it works: When Medisafe identifies that a patient’s therapy renewal date is approaching, Medisafe can trigger Infinitus to call the payor to see if an active prior authorization is on file, and if not, determine the process is to submit one. This information is then returned to Medisafe through the Infinitus API and shared with the appropriate members of the care team.

  1. Streamline pharmacy experience 

Working with Medisafe and Infinitus reduces the possibility of patient and provider frustration in accessing medication, increasing first fill rates and subsequent interactions thereafter. Using AI, pharmaceutical manufacturers can be confident that patients will access treatment on time through their preferred specialty pharmacy.

How it works: When a patient is submitted through the Medisafe digital enrollment form, Infinitus can be triggered to call the preferred specialty pharmacy to confirm that the treatment is available, and confirm receipt of a prescription or initiate the prescription transfer.

These are just a few of the AI solutions that Medisafe and infinitus offer to improve the patient and provider experience. By streamlining the enrollment process and reducing the risk of delays, joint AI solutions from Medisafe and Infinitus can help patients start their treatment sooner and improve their overall outcomes. 

To learn more about the Medisafe and Infinitus solutions, contact us to get started.

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