Just-in-Time-Interventions (JITI)™

Patient Engagement Technology Revolutionized

JITI Digitally Engages Patients

Influencing and supporting patients' behaviors throughout their medication treatment to drive adherence

Personalized & Patient Centric

JITI powers Medisafe’s medication engagement platform as the predictive machine learning engine driving personalized patient support.

Innovative Patient Engagement

JITI technology increases activity, improves adherence, and extends treatment retention through personalized patient support.

Dynamic Persona Profiles

Draw from personas based on behavioral science and comprehensive data, complemented by a continuous evaluation of needs and motivators for targeted journey guidance.

Omnichannel Optimized Interventions

Machine-learning optimized interventions determine which channel, and what content, is used for patient support.

Life Science for Real Life

JITI continually evaluates a superset of profile factors and individual behavior data accounting for nuances along the patient journey.

When Patients are Most Likely to Skip Doses

Fridays and Saturdays are the toughest days of the week for adherence, as reported by people who use Medisafe. Medisafe's Just-in-Time-Interventions technology enables targeted, personalized interventions to improve adherence and persistence.

Authentic Intelligence

See how proprietary advanced technology works with a massive database of more than 4 Billion medication doses. Personalized engagement for individual patients delivers the right interventions at the right times for maximum impacts.

Continuous Patient Engagement

More than just reminders, JITI connects patients to support on their journey through a vast inventory of interventions.

Precision Predictability

Predictive machine learning automatically adjusts the patient experience based on known treatment milestones, barriers, and recognized behavior patterns.

Bi-directional Interaction

Data collection at critical points along patient journeys enhances the interactions and right-courses behavior automatically.

Powerful Data Set

Leverage Medisafe’s analysis of a data set of over 9M registered users and more than 4B medication doses.

Patient Journey Technology-Humanized

See how an integrated digital medication engagement platform provides complete support.