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Connected Health Platform

Medication Engagement Technology

Built on a foundation of unmatched usability and commercial adoption at its core, Medisfe’s Enterprise Connected Health Platform is the only completely configurable and rapid-ready platform technology to create, launch and maintain digital health solutions with precision and efficiency.


Digital Drug Companion

Medication Engagement Platform

Patients receive complete treatment management through a combination of advanced technology and expert knowledge. Connect patients with an innovative digital platform that drives medication engagement, integrates human support and delivers a holistic care experience.

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Just-in-Time-Interventions (JITI™)

Just-In-Time-Interventions (JITI)

Powering the Medisafe platform with advanced technology that drives personalized interventions

Medisafe Maestro


Digitize patient journeys to optimize patient engagement and brand-specific support

Care Integration Engine

Care Integration Engine

Interoperable technology to integrate care and coordination teams into patient journeys

Real-World Data

A comprehensive look at patient segments to inform future treatment journeys

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Blog 22 Jul 2024

PDURS: How 7 Companies and Groups Responded to the Draft Guidelines

The FDA’s Draft Guidelines for Prescription Drug Use Related Software (PDURS) have sparked considerable discussion among various stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, and digital health advocates. While praising and supporting the FDA’s work to issue clear guidance, most also had specific requests for additional clarity, especially about clinical trial requirements for digital health software solutions. Here’s a summary of ten notable responses filed…