Patient Support

Technology that Connects Patients with Care Teams

Optimizing treatment journey engagement with scalable innovation throughout the ecosystem

Interconnected support technology is the future of continuous patient care.


Care Connector

Connect support teams with their patients for a complete solution.



Expedite the first fill by ensuring timely and seamless collection of information.



Gain real-time transparency into patients’ real-life treatment behaviors.



Connect to financial assistance and auto-verification for direct patient benefit.

Care Connector Suite

Amplify patient support with digital innovation designed precisely for care teams including Hubs, nurses, care management teams, case managers, provider offices and patient support programs.

  • Bidirectional communication
  • Visibility into patient and care team activities
  • Care optimization/prioritization tools 
  • Capture complete patient profile
  • Email/text channel
  • Copay Cards
  • Prior Authorization Status Management
  • Digital Document Exchange

Digital Engagement for Ultimate Connectivity

Medisafe supports patients’ holistic needs, beyond a specific condition or treatment regimen, to create seamless integrations.  

Patients experience comprehensive support across the ecosystem with educational updates, real-time information, and streamlined support throughout their journeys.

Technology & Innovation

Proven Platform: Continuous, Connected Care

Meaningful patient engagement is achieved through continuous communication and personalized support. See how an established Pharma Hub incorporated Medisafe’s digital support into patient programs to create more active, engaged patients.

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Transforming the Digital Patient Experience

See how Medisafe is continuously innovating its digital platform technology to create an advanced and engaging patient experience.