Care Integration Engine

Digitally Connecting Human Support

Care Team Connectivity

Flexible technology to integrate care teams into patients’ evolving treatment needs

Digital Patient Support

Advance existing patient support with a digital extension backed by behavior science to resolve medication challenges, and break through treatment barriers.

Everyday Engagement

This technology increases activity, improves adherence, and extends treatment retention through predictive AI for personalized patient support.

Bi-directional Communication and Transparency

Beginning with an initial mindset persona with continuous evaluation of needs based on behavioral and therapeutic data for targeted journey guidance.

Amplify Performance for Immediate Results

Advanced technology optimizes interventions that determine which channel, and what content, is used for patient support.

Proactive Patient Engagement

Don’t choose between efficient and personalized support. The Care Integration Engine routes proactive guidance directly to patients in your ecosystem.

Technology Fueling the Proven Platform

Medisafe is the most trusted medication management platform, helping more than 9M patients manage 6+ medications every day, improving medication adherence and persistence.

Extending the Ecosystem of Patient Support

Medisafe's easily scaleable digital solutions provide real-time and real-world information - ensuring the efficiency of supportive engagement based on individuals' needs.

Efficient Innovation

Digitally breaking through communication barriers reallocates care team bandwidth from administrative outreach to real-time support.

Care Connector Suite

Automate supportive engagement communication between support teams and their patients.

Open API Data Exchanges

Route any/all integrations to other vendors i.e. for financial support, patient support, specialty pharmacies, and Hubs.

Medisafe Care Widgets

Easy integration plug-ins leave the configuration to Medisafe with a solution launch ready with a few lines of code.

Patient Engagement Technology-Revolutionized

See how an integrated digital patient engagement platform delivers results.