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Case Study: Using Human & Digital to Improve Medication Adherence

This recent study showcases the power of collaboration in supporting patient engagement. See how one manufacturer, in collaboration with Lash Group, enabled enhanced engagement by blending a high-touch, high-tech service model to support both unique therapy regimens and patient preferences.


Clinically-Validated Studies

Komodo Health found that Medisafe helped patients increase medication adherence by 7% pre vs. post Medisafe.

University of Sydney Cardiology Center found that Medisafe has a positive impact on patients’ adherence rates in treatment of Coronary Heart Disease.

A Brigham & Women's Hospital study found that patients using Medisafe with poorly controlled hypertension saw more than a 0.4% net increase in adherence using the Morisky 8-pt scale vs. control after 12 weeks.

A 2018 IQVIA study showed that hypertensive patients on Medisafe have a rate of therapy persistence almost 2.5x that of a matched control cohort over a 12-month period.

In a 2018 IQVIA study, 21.8% of hypertensive patients became adherent after starting Medisafe. Persistence increased significantly in patients across Hypertension, Depression, and Diabetes.

Reported data from a study conducted by IQVIA showed that 79% of non-adherent HIV patients (MPR <80%) increased their prescription refills by at least 20% after starting to use Medisafe.

Digital Drug Companion

Medication Engagement Platform

Patients receive complete treatment management through a combination of advanced technology and expert knowledge. Connect patients with an innovative digital platform that drives medication engagement, integrates human support and delivers a holistic care experience.

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Case Studies

Partners and Pharma demonstrate improved success in patient engagement, therapy adherence, and coordination of support when pairing the Medisafe platform with their products.

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