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Caregiver Survey: Real-World Data You Should Know

Monitoring medication is one of the defining responsibilities of a caregiver, according to a new survey conducted from April 6…


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Scalability is key to digital transformation

Jul 29 2022
In 2020, pharma companies were forced to pivot to digital-first business models in a rapid turnaround. In just a few months, companies accelerated digitization by three to four years and accelerated the share of digital ..

Why digital health will survive a recession

Jul 19 2022
The economy is a key focus on the future of nearly every industry, and digital health isn’t immune to the external pressures that determine prices, supplies, and stock ratings. But a recession, defined as a period betw..

Pharma’s role in digital health integration

Jun 27 2022
Digital health is being implemented across the pharmaceutical value chain, integrating technologies such as apps and wearables to support decentralized clinical trials and vital sign monitoring. But opportunities to impr..

Growing Pharma’s Digital Footprint

Jun 17 2022
For pharma companies, digital is not an island operating independently of business strategy; it’s embedded within it. Yet 60% of pharma companies admit their digital initiatives are only partly linked to their broader ..

The value of interoperability

Jun 10 2022
Do you really need another platform? At its core, interoperability is the capacity for healthcare providers to access and share patient health information and the most up-to-date and complete patient medical records, ..

What is the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)?

Jun 1 2022
Major advances in technology are driving innovation in the health care ecosystem, leading to the development of an increasing number of connected medical devices that can collect, analyze, and transmit data. That data, ..

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