Your patients are at the center of everything we do.

Empower your patients to take control of their treatments through our digital, personalized and integrated platform. Our digital therapeutic companion seamlessly incorporates medication management into patients' lives with proven results by increasing adherence and extending persistency.

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Support your patients managing complex medication therapies

Our data-powered technology delivers daily interventions designed to specific therapeutic journeys with motivational feedback for your patients. And with every connection, we collect real-world insight on patient behaviors that fuel future interactions and provide you with transparency into your patient population.

Our medication management solutions range from targeted patient-focused adherence programs to robust branded experiences that can be integrated into care management systems that connect patients directly to clinical care support.

Care Connector: Don't Let Distance Disconnect Your Patients
Digitally connect with your patients through our integrated care support platform. Medisafe's Care Connector is a SaaS extension of our patient-driven digital drug companion which sources data from real-time patient medication management behaviors. The scalable solution is flexible to easily align with both immediate and future care support strategies.

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Our solutions span the healthcare ecosystem, facilitating business decisions that drive better outcomes for all

Accelerate and automate personalized interactions with patients with our digital program that drives engagement. Our comprehensive solution initiates at the ‘first-fill’, for the entirety of regimen maintenance, yielding higher refills and increased adherence lift. Medisafe’s platform scalability aligns with your brand goals and timelines.
Identify ‘High-Risk’ members and support them with timely care interventions with our digital platform. Our personalized yet scalable solutions keep your members engaged in their medication management with education, caregiver support and measurement tracking. And our integrated platform notifies your care management team of timely care interventions connecting them directly with patients at risk.
Specialty Pharmacy
Empower patients with our digital companion that supports their journeys from first fill and navigating throughout complex treatments all integrated into your systems. Gain insight into your patients and their medication management behaviors. Identify patients who need additional assistance with their medication to provide timely interventions.
Data Packages
Our data packages provide real-world insights into patients and their adherence activities in addition to unique patient mindset insight through our Medisafe outreach capabilities. Medisafe manages over two billion doses of medications providing robust insight into brand adherence across drug classes, switching patterns, behaviors across dosing forms, and much more.
Proven Solutions That Deliver Results

Medisafe and a top 10 global pharmaceutical company recently launched three therapeutically designed programs across three countries which covered 32 local-language brands.

The goal of this initiative: to activate overall patient engagement through targeted Medisafe program support. Our customized programs boosted adherence between 8-20% in just five months.

We work with you to create the solution that’s right for your organization. Contact us today to learn how you can leverage our robust medication management platform to suit your needs

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Medisafe Announces Industry’s First Holistic Patient Journey Solution Around Medication Management

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