Clinical Trials

Patient Engagement Technology with Unmatched Usability

Connectivity with digital support and trial management

Digitally enabled suite of solutions built on best-in-class and well adopted technology

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Trial Experience Design

Optimize trial participation through an engagement platform configured around all aspects of each clinical trial.

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Protocol Adherence

Trial management made for real life with a motivational experience informed by behavioral science, that keeps participants on track.

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Interventions for Retention

Personalized, and proactive, interventions keep participants at ease, prepared and on-track throughout the duration of their trial.

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Real-time Data Collection

Increase accuracy of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs) with technology that promotes the longitudinal capture of data.

Advanced Engagement Technology

Empower participants in all aspects of their clinical trial journey with a hyper-personalized experience on a robust consumer-grade, patient engagement platform.

Keep participants connected with clinical operations and study coordinators throughout the trial with the right resources, at just the right time, to keep them confident and engaged.

Solution Suite & Supporting Technology

Mother and Child in Clinical Trial

The Best App I've Seen

Seriously. It’s so helpful, the reminders are so convenient, the app is so easy to use, it’s got so many functions that help you keep track of your body and mind and there’s no ads. I am grateful I had the good fortune of coming across Medisafe. I recommend it to every person that I discuss medication with. It’s awesome. It just holds all your information in one spot. Which I really like. Thank you for making this app.

Mother and Child in Clinical Trial

Deliver Higher Adherence, Persistence

Medisafe ranked #1 out of 824 Medication Adherence Apps by the Journal of Medical Internet Research from both Health Professional and Consumer Vantage points. The aims of this study were to (1) provide an updated evaluation and comparison of medication adherence apps in the marketplace by assessing the features, functionality, and health literacy (HL) of the highest-ranking adherence apps and (2) indirectly measure the validity of our rating methodology by determining the relationship between our app evaluations and Web-based consumer ratings.

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Patient Journeys are Not Linear

Medisafe understands treatment support must be interconnected throughout the healthcare ecosystem.