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It sounds so simple: "take your meds as prescribed." But multiple doses per day or several medications in your regimen, and it quickly becomes hopelessly confusing. Untamed, it's a roadblock to your health.
With Medisafe, it really is simple.


Whether you use an Android device,
iPhone, or iWatch, you can relax knowing
you're in control..

Health Coach

We get it. Everyone needs some encouragement to sustain a new behavior. Medisafe gets you started by educating you about your meds and condition, then keeps you going by sharing your progress, offering helpful tips, and curating prescription coupons and special offers tailored to you..


David Julian takes 26 different medications each day to help to manage his epilepsy. This is how he uses Medisafe to stay in control and live his life.

Read in the LA Times

I love this app. I am a severe diabitic and thischelps me keep track of all my meds from taking them, monitoring them to graphs and charts showing my averages.

My medications are getting taking more regularly thru the reminders…i enter pill counts it reminds me when to get meds refilled BEFORE they run out. And i like the fact that if i need to alerts can be sent to someone to remind them to remind you and before my father-in-law passed he had alzheimer’s and dementia and it sent me reminders to make sure he took meds in case he might have forgot. One of the best FREE tools on the market today and also contains a list with all medicines, dosage, and graphs it’s so easy and very user friendly….5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€” Ron Manning

I have a connective tissue disorder as well as fibromyalgia. I have been taking meds regularly since I was a young child for asthma, allergies, GERD and a few other conditions. It was easy just taking medicine at bedtime but now I have medicine that I take at various times throughout the day, about 15 different meds. I struggle to remember all of them and which time and have tried everything, different pill cases, labeling the bottles, the only thing that really keeps me on track is medisafe. The alarm keeps going off until I take my medicine so as long as I carry it around with me I have a reminder everywhere I go. I also love being able to track my heart rate and blood pressure as I have low BP and a high HR.

β€” Brianne

This is the best pill
reminder app on the

β€” wittsend via app store

I have allot of mental health issues and physical health issues. It puts me on allot of hard to track medicine, and medicine and disorders make my memory bad. NowΒ I have a accurate reliable way to make sure I’m on time and missing anything I get my meds in packs for the times of the day now I no longer miss my packs or get the wrong meds in them.Β And my pain narcotics are no longer aΒ guessing game I now know exactly when what time day all that important information I was missing and left wondering where they went!

β€” Dan

I had intestinal surgery and was on 3 different antibiotics and pain medication. The pain medication made it impossible to keep track of the others. Your app was easy to set up and made sure I took my medications at the right time

β€” Bill

When I was first diagnosed with HIV, the thought of taking daily medication and having to maintain a strict adherence to that seemed overwhelming, as I’m not someone that likes to take pills.

But, with the Medisafe app, it’s so easy.

Plus, I love the new med sounds reminders! Nothing quite as amusing as having Dr. Evil telling me to take my meds!

β€” Riley

I have hashimoto’s, thyroid issues, Epstein Barr, cytmomegalovirus, adrenal fatigue, off kilter hormones, and Lyme disease. This requires many supplements & meds, all with different interactions & instructions. I have brain fog & memory issues as a result of my ailments, and this app had been a lifesaver.

Very easy to set up and navigate.

Easy to use in general, and very helpful if you take many meds. It’s like a nurse in your pocket, reminding you to take your mess. To the developers – Thanks for this app, it has helped me immensely.

β€” Ekscentrix via the App Store

I just wanted to thank the developers of this app and say keep up the great work! This app is a huge life saver for me. With having ADD, OCD, Bipolar and a list of physical disabilities …
This app has helped me not miss a single dose of my meds.
Prior… I was not only forgetting my meds, but I was forgetting if I took my meds already and sometimes double dosing. I tip my hat to the guys/gals involved in this apps development and continued updating.

β€” Bruce Crossan

Best med reminder and best watch app out there!
How is this free app not rated yet!? It’s an amazing, comprehensive, and best of all, free app! For those who take medications several times a day, it is invaluable.
I got this app after searching for a med reminder that has a watch app, and was shocked to find that the watch app is phenomenal!
Makes the watch significantly more valuable, at least for me!

β€” Dorothy Biederstedt

I am on numerous medications for RA and asthma; shots, pills, including steroidal/antibiotic (as required) vitamins, inhalers and nebulizer.
Medisafe has helped me keep everything in order
I never miss a medication and can add new ones as they are needed. So easy to set up and I have all medications at my fingertips when needed for doctor visits!!!

β€” Malissa Perez

I take a total of 12 pills a day, at three different times PER day.

Having a med management organizer like Medisafe is wonderful,

as it relieves me of the anxiety of wondering whether I’m up to date. I also love how it puts doctor contact information at my fingertips so I can follow up if I have questions. Managing chronic illnesses can be tough but Medisafe makes it easier!

β€” Anne Zieger

Using the Obama tone everyone learnt that hearing him meant I had to take my meds. Even my work colleagues have come to learn Obama means take your meds. Thanks medisafe

β€” Peter