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Scalability is key to digital transformation

In 2020, pharma companies were forced to pivot to digital-first business models in a rapid turnaround. In just a few months, companies accelerated digitization by three to four years and accelerated the share of digital or digitally enabled products by seven years. In the end, many accomplished more than they thought possible, and established a…

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Why digital health will survive a recession

The economy is a key focus on the future of nearly every industry, and digital health isn’t immune to the external pressures that determine prices, supplies, and stock ratings. But a recession, defined as a period between a peak economic activity and a subsequent trough, may be able to weather an economic downturn better than…

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Pharma’s #1 Digital Companions – On Time and On Budget

Get ahead with our expert guides to launching a successful digital companion for your patient programs. “Must-Have” Budget Guides for Pharma Decision-Makers Build vs Buy Myths Secrets to a Successful Launch This free launch toolkit has the must-have answers and best practices for all eight stages of a launch. New Data: Digital Numbers Are In…

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Product Marketing Manager

Medisafe, the worldwide medication engagement platform, seeks a passionate and talented Product Marketing Manager. Medisafe empowers patients to seamlessly manage their treatment journey.  We have over 10 million patients worldwide using Medisafe to manage their medications and partner with healthcare organizations across the healthcare ecosystem to design treatment based programs for patients delivering proven results.…

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Marketing Associate

Medisafe, the #1 medication management platform worldwide, is seeking a talented and hands-on individual to join our US team as our Marketing Associate. Medisafe’s medication engagement platform empowers patients to seamlessly manage their treatment journeys through advanced technology. Our vision and passion is to improve people’s health by providing them with the tools, support, and…

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integrated health

Integrated vs. interoperable health care – which is better?

For decades, the most popular buzzword in healthcare has been interoperable. It is the de-facto standard which all health tech components aim to achieve and are measured against. But a new focus on integrated health care is challenging the concept of interoperable technology and creating confusion about which goal is better. To better understand the…

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digital patient data

Download: Digital Patient Engagement Data

Get the latest insights from industry leaders on how pharma can capture greater value from digital patient programs. Download the Market Pulse (free, no registration)

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Pharma’s role in digital health integration

Digital health is being implemented across the pharmaceutical value chain, integrating technologies such as apps and wearables to support decentralized clinical trials and vital sign monitoring. But opportunities to improve the patient experience and capture more critical information throughout the medication journey also presents new ways for digital health to transform the staid industry. From…

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digital landscape

Growing Pharma’s Digital Footprint

For pharma companies, digital is not an island operating independently of business strategy; it’s embedded within it. Yet 60% of pharma companies admit their digital initiatives are only partly linked to their broader strategy. And many are still struggling to connect their digital strategy to their business at every level. Many pharma companies align on…

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Partner at work

Building Medication Management Through Pivots

Medisafe CTO Rotem Shor explains how early learnings helped to shape the future of the company.

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