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Caregiver Survey: Real-World Data You Should Know

Monitoring medication is one of the defining responsibilities of a caregiver, according to a new survey conducted from April 6…


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Five Key Takeaways from Asembia 2022

May 13 2022
By Omri Shor The national conference for specialty pharmaceutical industry, Asembia, took place last week and there were some standout discussions that are presenting new views into the industry ahead. Below are five ..

The role of payers in the digital health future

May 2 2022
In the US, the role of payers has grown from a simple checks-and-balance player to ensure cost-effective treatment to one that has significant sway in the direction and advancement of new health programs. This is especia..

The differences between SaMD and DTx

Apr 14 2022
With the explosion of the digital health industry, there have been numerous subsets that have grown to meet new and existing market needs. Digital health has now become an umbrella term that encompasses any tech componen..

Can Digital Health Improve Health Equity?

Apr 5 2022
The digital revolution is well underway, but technology needs to reach all sections of the population for it to truly change how care is delivered. As more providers, payers, health systems, and patients adopt digital he..

How Digital Health Can Improve Patient Trust

Mar 21 2022
Patient trust is indispensable in healthcare. With the increased use of digital health tools more power is shifting into consumer hands. But for this to support the future of the healthcare industry, there needs to be g..

Why patients don’t take their medications

Mar 4 2022
Medication non-adherence is a $300B issue that can impact the cost of prescription drugs, medical care, and lead to serious health risks. Unfortunately, without greater support, non-adherence can become commonplace espec..

Improving Accessibility Through Digital Health

Feb 10 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a large amount of fatigue as many people seek a return to normalcy. But not everything needs to return to normal, including health care which has benefitted from its new normal—one tha..

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