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Why Tech Will Play a Bigger Role in Your Future Health

Technology has become an integral part of medicine today. The right technology can increase efficiencies, improve quality, and reduce costs….


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The Future of Medication Management

Jun 16 2021
For people on multiple medications, managing their course of tablets can be a complex task. Many require to be taken at specific times in the day and incorrect dosing can lead to serious health complications or even deat..
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Redefining Interoperability in The Digital Age

Jun 10 2021
From Amazon pharmacy to Apple Health to Epic and Cerner battles to digital drug companions, the state of healthcare interoperability has come alive with digital power. And the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this ability m..
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Digital Medication Management

May 31 2021
Remembering to take your medication may seem a simple task to some, but for those that take 10+ medications at different times each day, some with complex application processes, medication management is a complicated fea..
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Five Ways Digital Health Can Benefit Pharma

Apr 30 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic created a shift toward patients using online health tools to manage their health. With more than 75% of patients indicating they will continue to use these new tools to manage their health, it creat..
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Driving Digital Health Growth

Apr 29 2021
Traditionally reliant on face-to-face communication and selling, pharma organizations are taking a fresh look at digital strategies. One of these shifts is to digital tools that support #medication management and adheren..
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Is Big Pharma and Big Tech a Recipe for Success?

Mar 28 2021
Big tech’s growing interest in the healthcare sector has largely been seen to put it on a collision course with big pharma. However, there are early signs of a culture of collaboration emerging between big tech and big..
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The Future of Communication Technology

Mar 18 2021
In this interview series, called ‘The Future Of Communication Technology’ we are interviewing leaders of tech or telecom companies who are helping to develop emerging communication technologies and the next generatio..

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