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Caregiver Survey: Real-World Data You Should Know

Monitoring medication is one of the defining responsibilities of a caregiver, according to a new survey conducted from April 6…


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How Real-Time Analytics is Driving Data Science

Mar 8 2022
As technology has advanced with the growing ubiquity of the internet of things, platforms increasingly want to analyze and derive useful insights from data right away. And they can, with real-time analytics. Instead of ..
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Eight Tips to Manage Your Diabetes Routine

Feb 22 2022
Juggling a daily diabetes to-do list along with home and family responsibilities, plus school and work, can overwhelm even the most organized person. Although life is filled with unexpected distractions, new systems and ..
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Human + Digital to Improve Medicare Adherence

Feb 2 2022
This digital companion bridged the gap between patients and providers and facilitated daily connections between the two. The software ecosystem consisted of a mobile app for patients and a platform for nurses to contact ..
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Digital Health is Changing Med Adherence

Jan 21 2022
With the rise of digital health tools, providers and pharma organizations are throwing their support behind various digital health medication adherence tools that have come to market in the past decade...
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The Future of Data Science

Jan 6 2022
Empathetic AI-powered customization might sound a bit like science fiction, but it might not be that far off. Rotem Shor and other experts Built In talked to for this story point to the growing access companies have to A..
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Top 5 Healthcare Apps for Patients

Jan 5 2022
We all know that each one of us has diverse needs and demands. Meeting the diverse needs and demands is not that easy but rest assured that the existing healthcare startups studied well and spent money for investment jus..
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Flipping the Script on Med Adherence

Jan 5 2022
The conversation about medication shouldn’t end when the prescription is written. Physicians need to be accessible to patients to talk about how the medication is working for them, how often they are using it as prescr..

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