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Case Study: Using Human & Digital to Improve Medication Adherence

See how one manufacturer made medication management easier integrating digital engagement with human-touch patient support. The manufacturer of a leading biologic therapy, in consultation with Lash Group, sought to explore using digital technologies to improve adherence among targeted patient groups…



Webinar: Driving Pharma’s Digital Transformation

Our live discussion of how pharma-branded digital companions are driving millions in value and impressive adherence and ..more

Webinar: Ready, Set, Launch: Secrets for a Successful Digital Program Implementation

See how pharma removes the guesswork, delays and headaches out of launching successful digital companion programs for mu ..more

Webinar: How Pharma is Activating Patients: A Human Hello and a Digital Embrace

Going digital should not completely cut out the human touch. While digital healthcare has opened up patient engageme ..more

Webinar: The Winning Formula to Patient Behavior Change

Our February 2021 discussion about the three components to our winning formula that drives impactful behavior change. ..more

Webinar: Driving Pharma’s Digital Transition

Our January 2021 discussion about how digitally empowered patients become active participants in their medication manage ..more

Webinar: COVID-19’s Lasting Impact & Acceleration of Digital Health

Our First Take webinar tapped into current patient and provider mindsets around COVID-19. Dr Sands, Medisafe’s Chief M ..more

Webinar: HLTH’s Pivot Point – The Rise of Digital Pharma and Patient Support

Moderator: Alexandros Giannakis Managing Director, Digital Health & Personalized Medicine, Accenture Scott Bradley, ..more

Webinar: How Pharma Empowers Digital Engagement and Adherence

Right now Pharma is seeing proven results by digitizing strategies for medication management and patient support. See ..more

Webinar: Introducing Medisafe Maestro: Orchestrate Your Patients’ Digital Health Journey

See our breakthrough launch of Medisafe Maestro, now available. Easily transition patient journeys into a digital compan ..more

Webinar: The Tech Behind Medisafe’s Next Gen Digital Drug Companions

Our in-depth discussion about the new technology that powers the Next Gen Digital Companion for medication management. ..more

Webinar: Medisafe’s Next Gen Digital Companion

Our discussion of how a next-gen digital companion can digitize patient journeys and augment engagement and adherence de ..more

Webinar: COVID-19 and Medisafe

Our 30-minute discussion with the Medisafe community about the coronavirus and ways we help, including: The latest ..more

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