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Webinar Recording: Doing Digital Right – What Patients Really Want from Pharma

Patients are feeling empowered by digital health solutions, and a survey by Medisafe shows that Pfizer, Abbott, Astra Zeneca, and Bayer are among the top pharma companies leading the way in digital solutions. Hear exactly what patients, HCPs and pharma…



Webinar: The Economic Impact of Digital Companions

The data is in, and savvy pharma execs see that supporting patient engagement is not only a growing strategic initiati ..more

Videos: How Pharma is Now Accelerating Patient Access by Digitizing

Our First Take webinar shows how digital brings higher patient enrollment, no more outdated faxes, and speedier workflow ..more

Webinar: Driving Pharma’s Digital Transformation

Our live discussion of how pharma-branded digital companions are driving millions in value and impressive adherence and ..more

Webinar: Ready, Set, Launch: Secrets for a Successful Digital Program Implementation

See how pharma removes the guesswork, delays and headaches out of launching successful digital companion programs for mu ..more

Webinar: How Pharma is Activating Patients: A Human Hello and a Digital Embrace

Going digital should not completely cut out the human touch. While digital healthcare has opened up patient engageme ..more

Webinar: The Winning Formula to Patient Behavior Change

Our February 2021 discussion about the three components to our winning formula that drives impactful behavior change. ..more

Webinar: Driving Pharma’s Digital Transition

Our January 2021 discussion about how digitally empowered patients become active participants in their medication manage ..more

Webinar: COVID-19’s Lasting Impact & Acceleration of Digital Health

Our First Take webinar tapped into current patient and provider mindsets around COVID-19. Dr Sands, Medisafe’s Chief M ..more

Webinar: How Pharma Empowers Digital Engagement and Adherence

Right now Pharma is seeing proven results by digitizing strategies for medication management and patient support. See ..more

Webinar: HLTH’s Pivot Point – The Rise of Digital Pharma and Patient Support

Moderator: Alexandros Giannakis Managing Director, Digital Health & Personalized Medicine, Accenture Scott Bradley, ..more

Webinar: Introducing Medisafe Maestro: Orchestrate Your Patients’ Digital Health Journey

See our breakthrough launch of Medisafe Maestro, now available. Easily transition patient journeys into a digital compan ..more

Webinar: The Tech Behind Medisafe’s Next Gen Digital Drug Companions

Our in-depth discussion about the new technology that powers the Next Gen Digital Companion for medication management. ..more

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