10 Years and 10 ways the digital health industry has changed

Medisafe recently celebrated its 10th birthday, marking a milestone for the company as well as for the digital health industry. Today the industry is valued at more than $47 billion, with new startups and unicorns emerging daily. Yet Medisafe is one of just a handful of digital health companies that has proven its value for 10 years. To celebrate this milestone, here are 10 other ways the industry has changed in the past decade:

  1. 350,000 mobile health apps available. Available apps have doubled since 2012, driven by increased smartphone adoption and investments into digital health.
  1. 62% of patients now use a digital health platform to manage their health. This exceeds online banking, job searches, or consuming educational content.
  1. Medisafe improves medication adherence by more than 77%, helping to keep patients persistent and engaged in treatment longer. This level of engagement exceeds that of social platforms Facebook and Twitter.
  1. Smartphone health apps and advanced connectivity has shown to save the U.S. healthcare system close to $7 billion per year.
  1. In 2012, Omada was the first to launch a patient health platform to help manage medications and therapy. Today, Medisafe is the #1 digital medication management solution.
  1. 90% of patients have a smartphone and use one or more platform to manage their health; compared to 2012 when only 35% of patients used a smartphone and apps where in their infancy.
  1. 250 new digital health solutions are introduced each day, according to a report by IQVIA. Compare to 2012 when Medisafe was one of the very first (and few) patient health platforms to launch on iOS and Android.
  1. Pharma spent $5 billion on patient support programs in 2021, with digital health playing a central role in brand and enterprise strategies. Over the past five years, pharma’s investment in digital health has steadily increased to expand connection to patients.
  1. 40,000 hours are reallocated to nurses and hub support programs by engaging Medisafe with patients as part of drug therapy enrollment programs. Today, Medisafe is part of more than 10 interfaces through the health ecosystem (including Hubs, Salesforce, copay programs, Apple health records, and more).
  1. 10 million patients now rely on Medisafe to manage their medications, spanning conditions, geographies, language, and backgrounds.

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