5 benefits of medication tracking digitally

For the 133 million Americans who live with a chronic condition, and the 81 million who have two or more conditions, managing medications is more than just taking a pill. It becomes a priority to maintaining good health and the ability to live an active and fulfilling life.

In the digital age, medication management has now moved beyond a day-of-the-week pill box to create a smartphone-enabled platform to delivers timely reminders and condition-specific updates and support. Below are five key benefits for using digital drug companions to help manage medications and stay adherent in drug regimens.

1. Guidance on proper dosing – Not every medication is just a one-a-day pill, and often requires a more complex titration schedule. Advanced medications may require injections or delivered intravenously, which can make monitoring a challenge. A digital medication manager can help with all of that, often when users enter the medication into their platform. It knows when, how much, how often, and in what format a medication is needed to keep patients compliant.

2. Alerts on contraindications – For most patients, the paper wrapper holding a prescription is the first thing to hit the trash. Unfortunately, it contains most of the information about a medication, including contraindications and guidance on how to take it. Luckily, many digital drug companions now contain that information. And for those who are concerned about mixing medications, even with simple OTC drugs or supplements, a digital medication manager can provide guidance on what can be taken together. Should there be an inadvertent medication mix, the platform sends warning messages to a user about the risks.

3. Convenience – A medication tracker that integrates into a smartphone means staying compliant and informed on medication therapy, without wondering what pill was taken. The digital drug companion tracks what medication has been taken, what medication is due for refills, and when to take the next doses. Instead of having to refill a pill box, the digital tracker can update users on when refills are needed, can connect with pharmacies and insurance providers to expedite approvals, and keep patients updated on the latest status.

4. Engagement – Living with a chronic condition is more than just taking medication, it often means staying updated on the condition, triggers and changes, and support in managing its many symptoms. A digital drug companion delivers all of that guidance and support into a single platform that helps to engage users in their treatment. Many platforms, including Medisafe, feature online forums, chat rooms, and timely tips and notifications to serve as a resource for users living with a chronic condition. By engaging users in their medication, it provides a simple way of reducing the loneliness and isolation that often accompanies living with a chronic condition.

5. Assurance – Above all else, a digital drug companion is designed to provide users with assurance and peace of mind. Patients and care takers no longer need to wonder what medications were taken, when the next dose is needed, or the status of an authorization. The transparency and connectivity of digital medication managers provide clarity in managing a chronic condition. With built-in support options and treatment information, patients feel as if they now have a personal pharmacist in their pocket, able to receive information about their specific medications and conditions. It’s peace of mind for the digital age.


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