Are You Using a Digital Drug Companion Yet?

mHealthThe use of digital companions in supporting patients isn’t a new concept, but in recent years it has taken hold as a way to reinforce and guide patients in their treatment therapy. This has proven especially beneficial for those patients who may be battling a chronic condition. Patients turn to a digital companion as a way to stay connected to their treatment when away from the doctor. For those who take multiple medications or are newly enrolled in a treatment therapy, a digital companion provides a level of guidance and support during a new and uncertain chapter in their lives.

For the more than 3.4MM Americans who are living with epilepsy, having a digital companion delivers trust, support, and reassurance. And now through a new partnership with UCB, Medisafe is able to create a digital companion for those patients who are managing their epilepsy medications.

We are proud to announce our latest work with UCB to create product-specific digital drug companions for patients currently taking a UCB epilepsy therapy. Through this collaboration, UCB patients can access guided support via Medisafe to assist patients in doctor discussions, capture updates in patient journals, and receive real-time updates about financial assistance. Medical guidance and support are no longer limited to the physician’s office or the pharmacy counter; patients have the support, instruction, and reinforcement available to them directly through their smartphones.

Digital companions for medication have advanced significantly over the past few years, and is smarter, more personalized and more interactive than ever before. This smart learning enables digital companions to recognize potential challenges in medical therapies before they arise and deliver the necessary support to ensure continued engagement. And since no two patients are alike, no two patient journeys are alike either – allowing for customization and personalization that enables friends and family to contribute to the platform.

Similarly, medications operate differently in how they aim to treat certain conditions and the level of guidance and support vary in accordance. While our latest launch with UCB offers a more streamlined support specific to patients on epilepsy therapies, the realm of possibilities is endless within a digital platform. Nearly all pharma companies are using digital companions to increase patient engagement. This includes branded experiences where patients can get interactive support on medical adherence and engage with others who are receiving treatment for the same condition.

Digital drug companions also analyze user data to tailor support and ensure continued engagement, in an effort to leave no patient behind. This means fewer missed doses, less confusion about when and how to take medication, and real-time answers on conditions and medications to support a user’s lifestyle. In essence, digital drug companions “digitally” hand hold patients through their treatment.

As 2020 has become the year where everything went digital, so too is the patient experience to ensure proper medication guidance and reassurance through the journey. With more than 7MM users relying on Medisafe for assistance managing a medication or care for a loved one, it’s clear that digital companions play an essential role in helping users get back to living. If you’re not already using a digital companion as part of your patient engagement, isn’t it time to start?


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