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15 Smart Ways Businesses Should Be Using AI

Sep 6, 2022

AI is transforming the way business is done, and there are smart new ways to implement them.

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Apps to improve mental health in older adults

Aug 16, 2022

Harvard Health explores which apps are helping to make a difference in the lives of seniors.

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What a recession could mean for health tech

Aug 3, 2022

Fears of a recession are impacting global prices, but could health tech be immune to significant market forces?

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Medical Consultation

Maintain Therapy Reminders on Your Telephone

Aug 2, 2022

New tech options to manage medication therapy are coming to users’ phones, and Medisafe is a standout option to consider.

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How Medication Reminder Works in iOS 16

Jul 16, 2022

Apple’s new iOS system now includes medication reminders, but better options already exist with Medisafe.

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Defining Value in a Digital Strategy

Jun 22, 2022

Digital strategies are driving pharma forward, but how does value factor into the buying equation and how is it measured?

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Partner at work

Building Medication Management Through Pivots

Jun 10, 2022

Medisafe CTO Rotem Shor explains how early learnings helped to shape the future of the company.

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Medication management defines and challenges caregivers, Medisafe finds

Jun 10, 2022

New survey from Medisafe explores the challenges and opportunities for caregivers, and how digital health is helping to relive some of the burdens.

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Consumer Impact on Healthcare Technology

Jun 7, 2022

More technology is connecting to EHR systems, and Medisafe should be an important patient application for Cerner integration.

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Smart Pills

The Smart Pills Market to Witness Digital Stipulation

Mar 11, 2022

Big data analytics is flowing through the veins of the healthcare vertical these days. Healthcare has started depending on analytics’ expertise for deciphering data collected through various sources and monitoring processes’ efficiency.

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