Celebrating 10 Years at Medisafe

Our people, our partners and our investors are our true differentiator - thank you all!

10 years
By Omri Shor

Co-Founder and CEO

10 YEARS. Celebrating a decade of Medisafe® is about more than just thriving in a highly competitive industry. Our mission has always been to help improve the lives of patients, and over the past 10 years we have helped more than 10 MILLION PATIENTS who rely on Medisafe to manage their health. We reflect on the 2B+ interactions and interventions in patients’ lives, the engagement with caregivers, connection to pharma partners, and industry-leading value and outcomes. What can we wish more than saving lives?!

Colleagues and partners ask me what’s so unique in Medisafe. Of course, there is an industry leading product and IP and Data, but it’s really all about the Medisafe Team that got us to where we’re at today. Each and every one of the is a 100% committed to our vision and aligned with our values: they Care, Dare, Assume Ownership, Deliver and Open. They’re awesome. Our people, our partners, our investors – is our true differentiator – thank you all!

Medisafe teams

The Medisafe teams in the US and Israel

Ten years is also an important time to raise our heads and look ahead, to recognize how much the digital health industry has evolved, and to explore new opportunities to expand our reach toward a connected healthcare ecosystem. As we celebrate 10 years of success at Medisafe, we’ve made tremendous advancements toward improving the lives of patients, enriching connectivity with partners, and providing deeper insights throughout the treatment journey. Through these accomplishments, Biotech and Life Sciences companies can now build on the Medisafe platform and experience to customize solutions that they need with within or on top of our platform.

The coming year will move us into new frontiers, with great promise toward a connected health future where Medisafe is a central part of every patient journey. We look forward to the next years at Medisafe and hope you will join us.


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