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I am excited to share that we recently achieved ISO 13485 certification which verifies our quality systems that allows Medisafe to connect to medical devices, moving from consumer grade wearables to more advanced medical instruments.  This certification affirms our quality standards that were already in place through years of implementing strong processes, and the ISO organization certified our quality management system in record time due to our existing standards.

But more than just ISO certification, this achievement is the latest step to building our vision of connected health to support pharma’s future. Now pharma can build on the Medisafe experience by customizing solutions that they need either within the Medisafe environment, or in their own systems. I believe this is an important milestone for the company, for our clients, and for the road ahead. Here’s why:

Advanced digital health solutions are major contributors to pharma’s business, but many pharma companies are still strategizing about how best to incorporate digital solutions into the future of their organizations. There are a myriad of considerations and needs that digital platforms must meet to help become a vital component to their business. This includes integration with existing systems, hardware/software compatibility, data collection, scalability, security, and more. And patient engagement and overall satisfaction remain paramount to supporting the outcomes of a digital solution.

As the greater healthcare industry has shifted to embrace more technology solutions, the need for a connected health ecosystem that supports an integrated patient journey is where the future is headed. Clients and the industry are looking for advanced health IT partners that can connect all the disparate areas of healthcare and engage patients. While our existing digital drug companions continue to deliver robust performance and serve the needs of more than 10 million users, it’s clear there is also opportunity to provide a solution that offers further levels of customization that supports better access to data and connect to the greater parts of the full healthcare ecosystem.

I like to think of digital health solutions like building a house. For many, preexisting homes already built on established lots provide the exact structure, support, and security many of our partners need. However, for clients that have multiple brands, complex systems, and specific product or data needs, a more custom home designed and built by an independent architect can fit their needs perfectly. And these new certifications act as a city permit that allow us to continue our plans to build that custom home.

For 10 years now, Medisafe has been a leader in delivering advanced digital drug solutions to patients, helping to improve the lives of 10 million patients. Through new enhancements, new technologies, and new partnerships, we have helped to influence the digital health industry to support greater connectivity. The market is ready for an effective, scalable approach to implement digital health solutions using advanced platforms. Medisafe is poised to deliver a connected health future built on a foundation of unmatched commercial adoption, with a completely configurable and rapid-ready platform.

The future of connected health allows scalability across an enterprise, with a cost-effective solution that supports global use. One that continues to engage patients through personalization and support and connects all aspects of the healthcare journey that starts with a digital engagement. A future where Medisafe provides the critical components to every patient experience. A future driven by the Medisafe environment that offers advanced connectivity and customization to connect all parts of the pharma experience in one trusted solution.


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