Medisafe Discovers Rising Insulin Cost Not Affecting Patient Adherence

11 Oct 2019

The rising cost of insulin is receiving more attention in the media and medical literature with the American Diabetes Association calling for solutions to insulin affordability. Medisafe data, however, indicate that cost may not be the highest concern for many insulin patients.

It’s Not About Cost

Medisafe analyzed whether cost impacts adherence rates among patients, comparing the management of long-acting (LA), short-acting (SA), and rapid- acting (RA) insulin types on our platform.

If Not Cost, Then What?

Medisafe tapped the patient mindset by surveying 2,500+ LA insulin patients, asking why they skipped. Only 4% said it was due to cost, while more than half responded they didn’t need the dose. Despite long-acting insulins being more expensive, patients prefer the dosing convenience and stability of the regimen.


Despite the higher average cost, LA insulin continues to be popular among patients using Medisafe,with higher adherence and fewer skipped doses compared to other insulin types. These findings indicate that cost is not the driving factor involved in the decisions and behaviors of insulin patients.

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