Neurology Infographic: Real-time Patient Insights from Medisafe

5 Sep 2022

Highlights from the Neurology Infographic

  • The U.S. trails other nations in reported neuro medication adherence on Medisafe
  • Like many therapeutic areas, Saturday and Sunday prove the most challenging for neuro medication adherence.
  • Neuro medication adherence peaks in the morning
  • Worldwide medication adherence rates for most
    neurology conditions average 78% on Medisafe
  • Of the top neurology drugs with the highest reported
    adherence on Medisafe, GSK and Biogen each hold two spots

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Full Neurology Adherence Insights

Top 10 Most Adherent Countries For Neurology Meds

  • Russia: 84%
  • Argentina: 83%
  • Brazil: 80%
  • Australia: 79%
  • Germany: 79%
  • Turkey: 79%
  • Belgium: 78%
  • Switzerland: 78%
  • Mexico: 78%
  • USA: 77%

How Day Of Week Affect Neurology Med Adherence

  • Sunday: 76%
  • Monday: 79%
  • Tuesday: 79%
  • Wednesday: 79%
  • Thursday: 79%
  • Friday: 78%
  • Saturday: 77%

Adherence Rates By Type Of Neurology Treatment

  • Epilepsy, Migraines: 82%
  • Anticonvulsants: 80%
  • Multiple Sclerosis: 78%
  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia: 76%
  • Parkinson’s: 74%

Why Neurology Patients Say They Miss Doses

  • Forgot/ Med not nearby: 35%
  • Didn’t need dose: 25%
  • Other: 22%
  • Ran out of meds: 12%
  • Worried about side effects: 5%
  • Worried about cost: 1%

Top Neurology Meds With Highest Adherence

Brand Company Adherence
Sinemet Merck 93%
Requip Glaxo Smith Kline 93%
Depakene AbbVie 91%
Keppra UCB 87%
Tecfidera Biogen 84%
Ativan Valeant 84%
Avonex Biogen 83%
Gilenya Novartis 78%
Rebif EMD Serono 78%
Lamictal Glaxo Smith Kline 70%

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