The New Frontier: High Tech and High Touch in Patient Support Programs

Embracing the Outcomes from Digitlal and Live Health Coaching Support

21 Jun 2024

The healthcare industry must usher in a new era in patient care where high-tech and high-touch care is not just cutting-edge, but rather the new standard, and patients are utilizing personalized technology complemented by cross-specialty live health coaching support to manage their health and wellbeing every day.

Eugene Borukhovich, Co-Founder and COO of YourCoach, and Stacey Wasserman, Chief Business Officer at Medisafe, dive into the next frontier of the integrated holistic patient experience and ecosystem connectivity in pharma:

Falling Short: Why is there a gap in integrated healthcare services?
The New Era in Patient Care: What will this look like? How does a combination of high-tech and high-touch care help patients achieve better health outcomes?
Moving the Needle: What value do health coaches bring to the table? Why does integrating a human element into digital medication management make sense?
Holistic Management of the Patient Journey: Why should pharma companies prioritise holistic care throughout their patients’ treatment journeys?

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