Health Records on iPhone Now Available to Medisafe Users

Leading medication management app also provides life-saving drug interaction warnings, now supports Health Records on iPhone

BOSTON, MA — October 9, 2018. Medisafe, a consumer medication management app and platform, today supports Health Records on iPhone, allowing iPhone users to easily and accurately track their doses, further manage their health and avoid potentially lethal drug interactions.

Medisafe is the world’s leading consumer medication management platform, with almost 5 million users in more than 150 countries. Now with Health Records people registered with a growing list of healthcare providers can quickly and securely add all their medications on Medisafe at once, without having to type in individual medication names or doses.

“As the only Health Records app featured in Apple’s launch to developers last June, Medisafe has used the Health Records API to bring consumers a private, easy-to-use solution that both helps them stay on track with their meds and safeguards them against harmful drug interactions,” said Medisafe co-founder and CEO Omri Shor.

Along with helping people stay on track with their meds and health measurements, Medisafe also notifies them instantly when there is a potentially dangerous drug-to-drug interaction (DDI), which is especially common when a newly prescribed drug interacts with one they are already taking.

It’s potentially life-saving, as close to 40 percent of the U.S. population has prescriptions for four or more medications, according to the FDA.In fact, the NIH estimates DDIs cause nearly 74,000 emergency room visits and 195,000 hospitalizations each year in the United States.2

Medisafe already has alerted people using the app to over 93,000 DDIs, of which over 46,300 (50%) were major or severe, or potentially life-threatening, possibly saving Mike’s life.

For example, Nancy Kauffman, who has been using the Medisafe app on her iPhone® to help her keep on top of her meds for the past two years, explains how Medisafe recently helped her avoid a DDI: “I’m taking strong prescription painkillers for a severe back problem,” she said. “I went to the dentist and he prescribed antibiotics. When I inserted them into my Medisafe app I got an immediate warning of a harmful interaction. I alerted my dentist and he changed my meds right away. I’m thankful to Medisafe for protecting me from a possibly dangerous situation.”

With Health Records, Medisafe can surface medications from multiple providers, and people will have even more access to their medication records and knowledge of potential DDIs.

“We are empowering people to control and manage more of their health information. Putting people’s health into their own hands is our vision at Medisafe, and supporting Health Records is an important step in empowering patients, and creating a major shift in the healthcare arena, that has been long-coming,” Shor said.


1. “Avoiding Drug Interactions,” FDA.
2. “Informatics confronts drug–drug interactions” – Bethany Percha1 and Russ B. Altman2

About Medisafe
Medisafe is the personalized medication management platform addressing all major causes of non-adherence, a $300 billion problem in the US alone. Medisafe’s cloud-based mobile platform personalizes content, resources and interventions — such as educational videos, coupons and motivational messages — based on each user’s regimen, condition and specific circumstance. Medisafe fosters collaboration among patients, their loved ones and healthcare professionals through caregiver tools and reports, and helps the healthcare professionals improve health outcomes and sustain quality care initiatives. Medisafe is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant solution and ISO 27001:2013 certified. Medisafe’s almost five million registered patient and caregiver users have recorded over one billion successful medication doses on their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and contributed 180,000 user reviews that average 4.65 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For more information,

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