Medisafe and Everyday Health launching condition-specific digital resource centers

Collaboration reaches more digitally connected patients with guided support and engagement

January 19, 2020, Boston, MAMedisafe, a leading digital therapeutics company with seven million registered users, today announced a new initiative with Everyday Health to launch new condition-specific resource centers through the Medisafe platform. With 40% of patients turning to digital resources to help manage their chronic conditions, the new digital resource centers will feature healthcare guidance, condition-specific news coverage and living-with information to support patients managing their condition.

Medisafe’s new digital resource centers will span multiple therapeutic areas including heart health, cholesterol, migraines, mental health, and several oncology specialties. Through Everyday Health, users can receive industry-leading consumer content, updates, education and tips all within the Medisafe platform.  These new digital resource centers combine convenient health care technology with condition-specific content to assist patients throughout their journey as patients seek more digitally connected care.

The launch of the new digital resource centers follows the success Medisafe achieved with its COVID-19 digital resource it launched in June. The COVID-19 Resource Center continues to see strong engagement from the over 8,500 users who enrolled in the program, receiving counseling on COVID misconceptions, recent updates and safety guidelines, and support for patients concerned about the virus.  On average, the COVID-19 Resource Center sees 14 visits per user, 5 visits per month, and nearly 2 visits per day, per user.

“Medisafe users continue to rely on our platform for regular updates since we first deployed Everyday Health’s sponsored COVID-19 Resource Center, demonstrating an increased need for centralized resource centers that support many common conditions,” said Medisafe Chief Executive Officer Omri Shor. “With more patients using digital health tools to manage their health conditions, we’re excited to expand our platform to present patients with a trusted resource in their pocket and make living with an illness one less worry in the day.”

This expansion of the platform and the introduction of resource centers positions Medisafe as a trusted utility for patients managing medical conditions.  The new digital resource centers allow users to receive guidance and healthcare education at the point of their consumption, in easily digestible formats. It also creates new connection points for patients to receive support in battling an illness regardless of their specific medication treatment, helping to address social, financial, and emotional challenges.

“By combining leading healthcare education content with medication management utility, we’re seeing the next evolution in the healthcare ecosystem with the creation of dedicated, on-demand resources to further support patients as part of their daily healthcare routines,” said Nan Forte, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Everyday Health. “We believe this latest expansion with Medisafe is a sign of where the industry is headed, with more patient-focused support and guidance, reinforced with information and resources, with future capabilities that deliver care and consultation at the push of a button.”

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