Medisafe Announces Industry’s First Holistic Patient Journey Solution Around Medication Management

Digital platforms engage and support patients throughout their entire medication journey

BOSTON, MA – October 28, 2019. Medisafe, an evidence-based digital therapeutics company providing medication management solutions for patients across the healthcare continuum, today announced the launch of the industry’s first end-to-end, holistic patient journey management solution. The new solution supports patients across the full spectrum of their medication journey from onboarding, to their first prescription fill, through managing complexities across multiple medications, to refilling medications and having them delivered to their door.

“We’re excited to introduce, for the first time, a unique and complete suite of solutions to cover the entire patient journey from initiation through drug management to improved outcomes,” said Omri Shor, founder and chief executive officer, Medisafe. “Having a digital therapeutics solution to accompany the drug used to be a ‘nice-to-have’. This is no longer the case—patients, payers and providers are all demanding a digital solution to manage the patient journey—and a digital therapeutics companion is now the table stakes in 2020.”

The patient journey approach designs programs to reinforce moments of impact for patients. Medisafe has experience with more than 190 reasons for non-adherence and applies real world evidence to build connected medication management programs to influence patients’ behavior on therapy. Working with global pharmaceutical companies, Medisafe delivers digital platforms to engage and support patients throughout their medication journey.

Recently, Medisafe teamed up with Lash Group, a patient support services company that’s part of AmerisourceBergen, to meet end-to-end medication management needs by digitally connecting patients with care support teams. Medisafe and Lash Group created a first of its kind digital platform for at-risk patient management and timely care intervention delivery. Lash clinicians now have increased visibility into their patients’ daily medication management activities.

“Working with Medisafe provides Lash with enhanced patient engagement capabilities to improve adherence rates and instill healthy behaviors. We meet patient needs by providing both digital and human support to help guide patients on their path to recovery and to a higher quality of life,” says Lash Group president Tommy Bramley.

“Medisafe developed the leading digital therapeutics platform for medication management and is now allowing the ecosystem to develop personalized patient journey solutions inside our leading app as a turn-key solution,” added Shor. “Our unique solutions span from our new Care Connector for patient support teams, fully integrated with the digital therapeutics personalized companion on the patient side, to a medication delivery to the patient’s doorsteps through partnerships.”

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