Medisafe Expands Patient-Clinician Connectivity with New Digital Tools

Care Widgets and health trackers improve interoperability between patients and healthcare providers

BOSTON, July 15, 2021Medisafe, a leading evidence-based digital therapeutics company, is expanding its connectivity and interoperability among nurse teams and patient support services with its new Care Widgets. The new Care Widgets leverage Medisafe’s best-in-class platform to import its proven medication management technology direct to any web-based existing patient support system, delivering advanced patient insights to clinicians and support staff. 

Medisafe’s Care Widgets revolutionize the integration process by connecting to existing patient support systems instead of adding another outside platform and additional workflows for patient support teams. Utilizing the company’s Care Connector platform, the integrated Care Widgets allow for a fast integration and enable care coordinators to directly enroll patients in digital drug companion programs, share instructional videos, and perform timely interventions to support medication adherence.  

“This latest rollout is a part of our commitment to building the future model of patient support,” said Omri Shor, co-founder and CEO of Medisafe. “Through these enhancements, patients and their healthcare providers can share information and treatment updates more frequently, ensuring patients feel connected and supported, leading to improved treatment adherence.” 

Medisafe also introduced new health trackers for patients to self-monitor aspects of their health and therapy over time. Patients can capture key information as it relates to their specific medication journey and the impact a medication may have on vitals, lab tests, mood, symptoms, or fitness levels. These tracking elements offer additional visibility into the complete medication journey in connection with specific medication programs, such as capturing skin images in association with a dermatologic medication. 

By continuing to enhance interoperability and introduce additional patient-centric features, Medisafe supports more engaged and informed conversations between patients and their clinicians to ensure they feel connected and engaged throughout their treatment.  More than seven million users rely on Medisafe’s digital therapeutic platform to help manage their medications, stay engaged in their therapy and create a virtual support system toward living healthier lives.  For more information on Care Widgets and health trackers, please visit 

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