Medisafe Project Increases Users’ Medication Adherence Rate to 81%

Eight Weeks after Launch, Statins Adherence Rate Rises Even Higher: 84.25%; 100,000 Pills Taken on Time by Users; 95,000 App Visits per Month

HAIFA, Israel — January 8, 2013. Medisafe Project announced today its users have a reported medication adherence rate of 81%. For Statins, the adherence rate climbs to 84.25%.

According to eight weeks of post-launch data, Medisafe Project users recorded taking their medication on time at a rate 31% higher than the World Health Organization’s estimated average medication adherence rate of 50%. For Medisafe Project users recording their use of cholesterol lowering Statins, the adherence rate is 34.25% higher than the general population. The implications are far-reaching for consumers’ health, healthcare providers’ costs, and pharmaceutical companies’ revenues in the $25 billion Statins market, including Pfizer’s Lipitor, Merck’s Mevacor and generics.

Medisafe Project launched in November 2012 as the first mobile “pillbox app” that cloud syncs users’ failure to take medication on time to their friends, family and caretakers, leveraging the power of support systems to keep people healthier. Users of both Android and iOS versions have visited the mobile medication reminder a total of 95,000 times per month and recorded taking over 100,000 medication doses as directed.

“Medication adherence is a persistent and elusive problem, interrupting patients’ wellbeing, costing health providers and insurers billions annually and causing preventable deaths,” said Medisafe Project CEO Omri ‘Bob’ Shor. “Medisafe Project’s involvement of patients’ loved ones and caretakers is proving itself a breakthrough in reducing the harm that comes from medication non-adherence.”

Recently chosen as Microsoft’s “BizSpark Startup of the Day” and an alumnus of the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure, Medisafe Project was inspired by the accidental and potentially fatal insulin double-dose of brothers Rotem and Omri ‘Bob’ Shor’s diabetic father. The co-founders view Medisafe Project as a way to lower hospitalization and mortality rates, promote sustainable behavior changes that prolong health and decrease long-term healthcare costs. Medisafe Project also has vital, Big Data implications for pharmaceutical companies – providing them anonymous patient demographics, adherence behavior data, geolocation information, physician trends and other market aspects.

Available as a free download in Google Play and iTunes App Store Medisafe Project is a complete ecosystem of patients, families, doctors, drug stores and pharmaceutical companies to solve the hazardous and costly problem of medication non-adherence.


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