Medisafe recognizes World AIDS Day with Top HIV/AIDS app

  • Digital drug companions shown to help improve medication adherence for patients living with HIV/AIDS

BOSTON, MA – December 1, 2020 — Medisafe, a leader in digital health platforms to support medication management, is observing World AIDS Day with a focus on medication management to improve the lives of HIV/AIDS patients. Today, Apple featured Medisafe on the Today tab on the App Store as part of its campaign for World AIDS Day.  1 in 7 Americans are living with HIV/AIDS, many of which are managing multiple medications without proper guidance.

World AIDS Day feature on the App Store, Dec. 1 2020

World AIDS Day feature on the App Store, Dec. 1 2020

Managing the virus often requires a strict medication regimen, and with more than 1MM new HIV/AIDS cases each year, many patients are turning to digital drug companions to track and monitor the medications and health status.  More than 38MM people around the globe are living with HIV/AIDS, and 82% of patients rely on at least one medication to manage their health. Digital drug companions can help to reduce the risk of missed doses and medication errors.

“Medisafe continues to support patients living with chronic conditions serving as an essential tool in the lives of millions of patients, including those who continue to live with HIV/AIDS,” said Medisafe CEO Omri Shor. “On this World AIDS Day, we look toward future advancements in technology that can help reduce the fear of living with HIV/AIDS as we also hope for the day when a cure is discovered, and we can put an end to the virus.”

According to internal data of 4k users managing HIV medications, 23% of these patients don’t take them regularly, which can lead to complications and challenges in controlling viral loads. Digital drug companions have shown to increase medication adherence by 26%, with personalized guidance and medication prompts to help create a consistent medication regimen. Medisafe’s digital drug companion enables and supports patients in managing their health, medications, and the social challenges in living with HIV/AIDS.

In 2020, COVID-19 has added new challenges for patients living with HIV/AIDS as uncertainty around a vaccine creates new fears and questions. Medisafe’s own survey data found that 62% of HIV/AIDS patients are not confident in the vaccine; 51% are concerned about the side effects, and 33% are concerned about creating complications with other medications. Medisafe is working with numerous drug makers to help drive awareness and guide patient support programs to improve patient access and support in managing health conditions.

Medisafe is a leading digital therapeutic platform with more than 7MM users who utilize the system to help manage their medication therapy, stay engaged on their medication therapy, and engage with other users to create a virtual support system in living healthier lives, while managing acute and chronic conditions.

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