New Medisafe “Fast Take” Video Series Explores the Future of Digital Health Advancements

New series digs into critical issues driving digital health growth for pharma, payers, providers, and patient engagement

BOSTON, June 2, 2022Medisafe, a leading medication engagement company that empowers patients in their treatment journey, today announces the launch of its Fast Take video series, featuring leading experts on the critical issues driving advancement in digital health. The new four-episode video series explores individual components transforming the digital health industry, and its potential impact on the future of patient care.  

The Fast Take series covers topics normally covered in webinars and consolidates the delivery to just three minutes.  These topics include market access, digital innovation within pharma, personalized medication support, expanding patient engagement strategies, modeling forecasted value impact to pharma, and more. The series is meant to combat the rise in webinar fatigue and deliver critical information for business leaders and decision makers in the digital health space. 

“Our new Fast Take video series aims to provide decision makers and business leaders with clear insight on what’s happening in the industry, how these changes align with a digital-first strategy and help to support informed decisions about how best to support patients in the digital age,” said Jen Butler, Medisafe Chief Marketing Officer. “In less time than it takes to order and pick up a cup of coffee, viewers can get caught up on key market drivers, understand what shifts are happening in the industry, and disseminate to their teams for greater clarity on critical trends.“

Ideal for sharing and fast consumption, each Fast Take episode examines a single issue, breaks down the driving factors in a simple and concise manner, and provides examples of implementation and a call to action. The first episode premiered on May 23 and already engaged a targeted audience larger than that of the previous webinar attendance.  Subsequent episodes will drop weekly throughout June. Viewers can view episodes directly on Medisafe’s website at 

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