Managing Medications Amid COVID Surges

It’s the start of a new year, and yet COVID is still present and creating challenges across the globe. New strains are upending businesses, travel, healthcare systems, and even government operations. For patients living with chronic conditions, or those who are at risk of health complications, the new variants and increased transmission mean an increased call for vigilance and safety protections. As we continue to fight against the spread of COVID in 2022, below are some ways to stay safe from new cases.

Proper health and safety practices reign supreme
According to guidance from the CDC and WHO, COVID vaccinations in conjunction with masks and social distancing continue to offer the best protection against the spread of COVID. For those who are eligible, booster shots can help to increase protections against new variants that present an even greater risk due to their increased transmissibility. The latest Omicron variant has shown to be 10x as transmissible compared to earlier variants, which increases the need for proper safety protection. Additional routine health practices are also recommended to keep patients safe, such as routine hand washing, avoiding crowded areas, avoid close contact with those who are sick, and staying home when feeling sick.

COVID is a threat to all, especially those with chronic conditions
Sor far, COVID has claimed nearly a million lives in the US since the start of the pandemic. The latest Omicron variant is creating thousands of new cases each day and increasing the death toll.  Scientific data shows that vaccines offer strong protection against the virus, but with new variants breakthrough infections are common. For those who live with chronic conditions, especially those with respiratory issues or heart conditions, these infections could prove deadly. Last week, the government announced it is purchasing millions of new post-exposure treatments, with many pharma companies announcing development of other treatments underway. But currently there is limited availability of post-exposure treatment, and these treatments may bring with them their own set of complications and side-effects.

Managing medications is key during a pandemic
The rise of new cases due to surges of the Omicron variant have led many hospitals to cancel all non-emergency services. As a result, access to routine care services may become strained or delayed for those experiencing health issues. In order to prevent the development of a serious health issue, patients should stay up to date on their medications. Given the reduced access to timely medical care, skipping doses or reducing a medication dose without guidance from a physician can put patients at risk. Be sure to follow a provider’s instructions on what to take and how often and track the plan daily. This should be part of any patient’s COVID protection plan that accompanies other health and safety measures.

Stay updated on your health
None of us know what the future will bring for the COVID pandemic, and if new variants lay around the corner. But staying informed is a good way to keep on track of any new threats. This includes:

  • Monitoring news for updates on outbreaks and latest guidance to protect against COVID
  • Staying current on your medications and be sure to refill medications well before you may run out
  • Using digital drug companions like Medisafe to monitor your medications and stay on schedule to prevent serious health risks
  • Speaking with your doctor about any risks or needed changes to your current medications that may put you at greater risk

It’s our fervent hope that the start of a new year also brings an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as cases rise, and new threats appear, it’s important to stay vigilant to protect the health and safety of everyone, especially those who may be most at risk. By following physician recommendations, and using safety protocols, the pandemic may (eventually) be a thing of the past.

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