Medisafe 3.0 Allows Doctors to Prescribe Patients’ Medication Directly Through the App, Increasing Care Quality between Office Visits

Other New Features Include Profiles for Pets, Upgraded ‘Med Cabinet’ to Manage all Medications in One Place, Redesigned User Interface; Branded Versions Add SMS & Email Reminders – Medisafe Now a True Platform

HAIFA, Israel –– May 20, 2014. Medisafe version 3.0 launched today on iOS and Android, allowing doctors to increase care quality between office visits by sending “automatic prescriptions” with take-as-directed instructions directly to patients through the app.

Doctors who send an email to [email protected] will work directly with Medisafe in a closed program to send patients secure invites to download the app pre-installed with their medications and optional information such as dosage, the doctor’s ID and how to take medications with/without food.  Medisafe already gives users the ability to connect with physicians in between visits by exporting their data how and when they take their meds (‘adherence data’) via email.  With Medisafe’s new “automatic prescriptions” feature, physicians gain the ability to initiate contact with patients outside the office for the first time, strengthening aftercare protocols and results.

First to sync medication reminders among families’ and caregivers’ mobile devices, Medisafe’s mobile app is the top-rated and most-downloaded medication management tool in Google Play and iTunes.  Continued development and strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and pharmacies have grown Medisafe into the leading medication management platform; branded versions now integrate with electronic medical/health records systems (EMR, EHR) and other healthcare providers to send patients medication reminders via the web or SMS, in addition to Medisafe’s flagship mobile app.

Medisafe version 3.0 gives users these exciting new features:

  • Upgraded ‘Med Cabinet’ for all medications – Formerly only for “as needed” medications, the expanded hub now includes users’ regularly scheduled meds; with one-click, users can see and edit dosage/prescribed by/mealtime/reminders/friends-and-family sync information for all their medications, as well as change medications’ status between “as needed” & “scheduled” and even pause medications without deleting them entirely
  • Pet Profiles – Animal lovers who need to keep track of their pets’ medications now have fun dog & cat avatars to choose from when creating multiple user profiles
  • Redesigned User Interface & Flow – iOS users will notice Medisafe 3.0’s clean, flat redesign;  both iOS & Android users will appreciate an easier flow throughout the app, streamlining the steps needed to access and edit medications

“Every 0.6 seconds, someone takes a pill after being reminded by Medisafe,” said CEO Omri ‘Bob’ Shor.  “As we partner with more healthcare providers around the world, and release Medisafe versions with more ways for patients and doctors to communicate about medication management, we’re improving health outcomes for exponentially more people.  Becoming a stronger bridge between patients and health providers also helps answer the stubborn riddle why people don’t always take their medication as they should.”

Medisafe has been downloaded for free in Google Play and the iTunes App Store over 500,000 times, reminded users to take over 30 million doses, and been viewed by users over 45 million times.  Its users have an average medication adherence rate of 86%, compared to the 50% average adherence figure for the general population cited by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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