Medisafe and Omnicell to Announce Complete Medication Adherence Solution at ASHP

Collaboration pairs convenient packaging with mobile platform to improve patient medication adherence

BOSTON, MA — December 3, 2015. Medisafe®, the leading mHealth platform for medication management, announced today a new partnership with Omnicell®, the leading manufacturer of medication adherence packaging. The union will bring the combined benefits of Medisafe’s mobile application and Omnicell SureMed™ blister cards to pharmacists and patients in the U.S.

Medisafe, which has almost 2.5 million users – and was ranked the #1 adherence app by an independent study led by a team of Pharm.D. researchers – is working to reduce the $300 billion annual cost of poor medication adherence by patients. Working together, Omnicell and Medisafe will offer a simple, effective way to be sure they are taking their medications at the right time and in the right dose.

“Our collaboration with Omnicell aligns with our mission of providing an end-to-end adherence solution for patients and the care continuum,” said Jon Michaeli, Medisafe’s EVP Marketing and Business Development. “There is a natural fit between our companies’ core competencies. Medisafe purpose-built its platform to address the unique challenges of non-adherence, with the app’s interface oriented around a virtual daily pillbox. Adapting this design to add the SureMed blister card creates a seamless offline-to-online experience for Omnicell patients.”

Medisafe’s medication management app provides users with a combination of reminders, support, motivation and discounts to help them take their medications. It also gives patients resources to help them stay adherent, including educational materials addressed to meet user’s specific needs.

Omnicell, for its part, brings its SureMed blister cards, a multimed sorting and packaging solution that addresses one of the upfront primary obstacles to adherence. This service organizes a patient’s medication regimen into a series of blisters to be opened at the appropriate time of day.

Various research studies have shown both products can lead to improved patient health outcomes. Last month, Medisafe announced results that show statistically significant increases in adherence over control for the major chronic conditions of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. Similarly, multimed blister packaging has been shown to boost adherence rates from 61% to 97% when used as part of a comprehensive pharmacy care program.

“Health systems and pharmacies are making significant progress in advancing medication adherence,” said Joe Lynch, Omnicell Vice President, Global Markets. “Providing mobile solutions to support better outcomes is central to Omnicell’s goal of simplifying medication management from hospital to home. The program with Medisafe helps support our commitment to further these solutions for our health care customers and their patients.”

Omnicell and Medisafe will be demoing a combined product at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in the Omnicell booth #813 December 7-9, and also as part of a customer reception on Tuesday, December 8 from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. at the Pocket Nurse booth #925. Due to limited space at the reception, RSVP is required. Please confirm your attendance by emailing [email protected].

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