Medisafe Announces Sync-Up with Nestlé Health Science to Help Patients Prepare for Surgery

Personalized adherence platform to help patients take Nestlé Health Science’s IMPACT ADVANCED RECOVERY® Specialized Nutrition Drink

BOSTON, MA — March 15, 2016. Medisafe®, the personalized mHealth platform for medication management, announced today a new collaboration with Nestlé Health Science, a health science company that is advancing the role of nutritional therapy to improve patient health. The partnership aims to realize the proven benefits of compliance to the proper regimen of IMPACT ADVANCED RECOVERY Specialized Nutrition Drink to address the unique nutritional needs of major elective surgery patients at risk of infection.

The companies will work with clinical teams at a number of major hospital systems across the U.S. to help patients install Medisafe on their smart devices when their treating physicians recommend IMPACT ADVANCED RECOVERY Drink. Patients who have received a recommendation from their healthcare professionals to consume IMPACT ADVANCED RECOVERY Drink will receive Medisafe alerts reminding them when it’s time for each recommended serving. It will also display educational content provided by Nestlé Health Science. They will also have access to all Medisafe features and functionality, including management of any medications, “Medfriend” caregiver support, and a feed of additional content and resources tailored to their individual circumstances.

This collaboration with Nestlé Health Science initially focuses on the five-to-ten day perioperative window (before and after surgery) for major elective surgery patients.

“Partnering with Nestlé Health Science is one in a series of initiatives that will make Medisafe available to healthcare providers so that they can help people take more control of their health,” said Jon Michaeli, Medisafe’s EVP Marketing and Business Development. “This partnership comes on the heels of our recent Medisafe Providers launch, showing our commitment to build tools within the platform for physicians and care teams to support their patients’ compliance on an ongoing basis.”

The potential benefit of the Medisafe/Nestlé Health Science joint offering is substantial. “In study after study, strong compliance to IMPACT® formulas in the perioperative protocol has been shown to support the immune system to help promote recovery after major elective surgery,” said Hoddy Klein, Vice President of Medical Nutrition Marketing North America for Nestlé Health Science. “We believe the Medisafe application has the potential to significantly increase adherence to the IMPACT protocol that is recommended for certain major elective surgery patients by their healthcare professionals, and we look forward to seeing the positive results of this collaboration in the months ahead.”

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