Medisafe Launches Free Adherence Grader Tool That Ranks Adherence To Pharma Products Worldwide

Unprecedented data source compares medications in real time using billions of data points from 4 million users

BOSTON, MA — October 3, 2017. Medisafe®, the leading medication adherence platform now surpassing 4 million global users, today announced the launch of Adherence Grader, a free data insights tool for the healthcare community interested in tracking medication adherence. Now available at, the tool gives pharmaceutical brands, researchers, caregivers, journalists and other interested parties across the healthcare continuum instant access to how well Medisafe users adhere to alternative medication regimens on a relative basis.

Adherence Grader instantly reports the adherence scores of thousands of medications patients manage and take through the help Medisafe’s award-winning application. These scores are indexed using a proprietary algorithm of self-reported adherence, persistence and other factors derived from the historical performance of patients using Medisafe as an intervention solution.

“It is not by accident that we are celebrating our 4 million user milestone with the launch of Adherence Grader. We have reached a volume of users with over one billion medication doses managed to generate in depth insight on patient adherence patterns,” said Jon Michaeli, EVP Marketing & Business Development for Medisafe. “We feel Adherence Grader will be a valuable public resource to the health industry and offer a summary level view of the deeper behavioral patterns and learnings that lie underneath in our data repository.”

For a more detailed patient cohort-level view of adherence, Medisafe recently launched Medisafe Insights, which uses a combination of data analytics and qualitative survey tools to demystify patient adherence obstacles and shed light on health engagement patterns. Medisafe knows if and when patients take each medication dose, so it is able to report on hourly and daily trends, reasons behind missed doses, and other important trends. This information can enhance data available from traditional sources of medication adherence, which typically draw only on data from monthly refill records or focus groups.

The causes of non-adherence vary dramatically by medication, condition, patient and specific timeframe across the patient journey, negatively impacting patient quality of care and health outcomes. Non-adherence results in higher emergency and mortality rates and is estimated to cost the US healthcare system alone in excess of $290 billion a year.

To support the launch, anyone who visits the Medisafe booth at Digital Pharma East and demos the Adherence Grader service will be entered into a drawing for an iPad mini. The winner will be announced after the conference.

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