Medisafe Advances Vision for the Future with New Brand, Website

Brand refresh and new website position company as a leader in digital pharma technologies

BOSTON, January 11, 2022 — Medisafe, the leading medication management platform, is marking its 10thanniversary with a refreshed brand and new website that affirms the company’s commitment to patient and caregiver support to seamlessly manage their treatment journey.  With a spirit that embraces innovation, the revised Medisafe brand demonstrates the company’s commitment toward continuous improvement and the development of new solutions to solve healthcare challenges for better patient experiences.

The rebranding effort includes a new website, available at, that showcases its technology and innovation, its advanced solutions, and its ability to synthesize patient data to identify patient trends across various pharma segments.

At the core of the brand refresh and new website is Medisafe’s vision to connect providers, healthcare systems, payers, nurses and HUBS, patients, and caregivers with a single digital platform. Medisafe Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Butler said of the brand refresh, “At Medisafe, personalized patient support is at the center of everything we do, helping to build the future model of seamless patient support. By positioning our messaging and our new website to reflect this commitment, the Medisafe brand becomes synonymous with innovation and empowerment toward better health.”

The launch of the company’s new website closes a year of growth for Medisafe. The new Medisafe website reflects the company’s expanded capabilities, its portfolio of patient-centric solutions, and advanced data insights captured through innovative technology that drives its digital platform.

Medisafe CEO Omri Shor added, “By highlighting our commitment to continuous improvement, the refreshed brand and website present a focused vision toward patient support with advanced digital technology. The new Medisafe presents a commitment to empower new ideas and new digital capabilities as a catalyst for change in the healthcare ecosystem.”

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