Medisafe Project 2.0 Gives Doctors Better Patient Oversight Via Emailable List of Personalized Medication Adherence Stats

Other new features include method to log ‘take-as-needed’ medication & enhanced refill-reminder; 4-month users’ adherence rate 79%; over 35,000 downloads so far.

Adherence rates are color coded to help users easily understand how well they’re taking medications as prescribed. Users can email their personalized list as an Excel spreadsheet to doctors, caretakers or family members. To protect their privacy, no patient identity information is included in the spreadsheet, but users can add it to the email if they choose.

As the first medication reminder to use cloud sync technology, Medisafe Project sends alerts to users’ family, friends and caretakers when they miss a dose. Four months after its November 2012 launch, Medisafe Project users have an average self-reported medication adherence rate of 79% – twenty-nine points higher than the World Health Organization’s estimated average medication adherence of 50%. For cholesterol lowering Statins, Medisafe Project users self-reported an adherence rate of 82.25%, and users taking birth control medication self-reported an adherence rate of 89.75% – nearly twenty points higher than the average reported by the National Institutes of Health.

More than 35,000 people have downloaded Medisafe Project on Android and iOS. Users have visited the app a total of 900,000 times and recorded taking over 750,000 medication doses as directed.

Other new features in Medisafe 2.0 include:

‘Medicine Cabinet’ for P.R.N. medications – Users who take medication “as needed” now have a way to record those doses for adherence purposes. One touch to the Medisafe Project logo in the center of the app’s homescreen opens a ‘Medicine Cabinet’ displaying all their entered medications for them to select and record taking.

Enhanced Refill Reminder – Users taking medication requiring refills can now adjust how many days in advance they’d like to receive refill reminders.

Multiple Profiles – Users in charge of medication regimens for more than one person now have a way to separate medications into different user profiles – ideal for mothers keeping track of siblings and caretakers for their patients.

“Medisafe Project is excited to help doctors extend their care into patients’ homes between visits. We hope to increase adherence rates through improved doctor-patient communication about them, prolonging users’ health through sustainable behavior changes,” said Medisafe Project CEO Omri ‘Bob’ Shor. “We’re thrilled to give users all our new features, which have been among their top requests since our launch.”

Available as a free download in Google Play and iTunes App Store, today’s update is for Android users only. iOS users can expect their update to arrive in iTunes this June.

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