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Here's What Medisafers Have to Say about Using the App to Take Control

Medisafe 5-Star Reviews“A LifeSaver”

  • Saved My Life
    Medisafe saved my life. I take 13 different medications at 5 times a day intervals. My Doctor is linked in with me and knows exactly how I’m doing even down to mood and pain level. It’s the next best thing since sliced bread.  – Denise J.
  • Saved My Mom’s Life Last Week
    After my mom had a stroke last year, she was forgetting to take her meds on time, and sometimes not at all. We set up the Medisafe app on her phone, not only to remind her to take them, but also to alert us if she missed a dose.
    This app saved my mom’s life last week- literally. Unfortunately, it was a perfect storm that day, as far as all three of her alert contacts being out of touch. My sister was in airplanes, traveling all day, my aunt was on a cruise, I was out of the country for work- and none of us had our phones turned on. Long story, short, when I finally turned my phone on, and saw that Mom had missed doses of her meds, I was able to call from Amsterdam and get the police and EMS to go to her house. They found her stuck in the bathroom, unable to stand, and though she WAS wearing her Medical Alert necklace, she had had another stroke, and was completely unaware that anything was wrong, so she never pushed the button to get help.
    If I hadn’t been alerted that she had missed several doses of her meds, she very well may have sat there for a good part of another day. I highly recommend the Medisafe app, and will be forever grateful that it ultimately saved Mom’s life.  – Amy S.
  • Haven’t Missed a Single Dose
    This is a lifesaver! I haven’t missed a single dose since downloading whereas I used to take my meds super sporadically (not good!).
    Casper G.
  • I Want to Cry at How Much It Means to Me
    The new “drug interactions” – the fact that it will take all your meds in account and alert you to possible issues, let me tell you, I want to cry at how much it means to me. If my pharmacy can’t alert me to issues (because I have four doctors and no one checks and the pharmacy can’t spare the time to look) thankfully I have the Medisafe Team in my corner to help me out. – Erika W.
  • May Have Saved My Life…Pointed out a Serious Reaction
    This is the best med tracker tool I’ve ever used! It even may have saved my life when it pointed out a serious reaction between some of my meds that neither my doctor or the pharmacist mentioned. – Krystal K.
  • Has been My Life Saver…. Easy, Clear App
    This app has been my life saver! I can’t recommend this enough! I was in hospital last week and was able to show the doctors what I was on, including all supplements I take. Even the doctors were impressed with this app that they wrote down the name and said they will recommend it to their other patients! Thank you for making such an easy, clear app for people who have to take so much medication! – Emily A.

Medical Consultation

What Nurses Say

  • Like Having a Pharmacist at Home
    My sister who is a registered nurse recommended this app to me and I love it, I am quite sure that if I didn’t have it, I would never remember to take all the medications that I am currently on in a timely manner. It’s like having a pharmacist at home.– Gwendolyn R.
  • Going to Recommend to My Patients
    I love this app! In the past I always took my meds at night but recently started a BID (twice a day) med.I put a reminder on my phone calendar which did not work too well. I love that I can snooze my meds for whatever time frame I need to and can mark that I have taken them. No more trying to remember if I took it or not. I’m a nurse and am going to recommend this app to patients. 🙂 – Jennifer B.
  • Didn’t expect much
    I’m a retired nurse so I really didn’t expect much, I thought that the charting system I was using was just fine. Then I tried the app and have been recommending it to others ever since. I love this. – Melody O.
  • The finest app
    I am a retired nurse. I began using this app years ago and found it essential in my busy life to maintain my compliance with medication. As a nurse, I recommended it to numerous patients. It is the finest app I use. – Lynne S.
  • The best by far
    I have not forgotten a med since using this app. Very easy and clear!! I’m a nurse as well and I have used other medication apps. This one is the best by far. –  Catherine B.
  • Fantastic!
    My daughter is a nurse and she flipped out when I added her to my app. She immediately set her mother in law up with the app. She is battling cancer and has a seriously complex regimen of medications! You folks are wizards!!! – App Store Review
  • A nurses recommendation
    A really good app! It’s easy to use. And as a nurse I would totally recommend it to my friends and patients! – App Store review
  • Such a great reminder
    Although I am a nurse, I am dreadful at remembering to take tablets myself! This is a great tool and I wouldn’t be without it! – App Store review

Comforting Couple

What Caregivers Say

  • Sanity saver
    This app saved my sanity in March! My daughter had brain surgery and was on multiple Meds, multiple times a day. I started out by writing everything out in a time-consuming chart.5 days later I found this app and my work was simplified 100 times over! Thank you! – Cody2228 via the App Store
  • Another Sanity Saver
    Medisafe has saved my sanity in trying to organize multiple prescriptions after my daughters spinal fusion surgery. My husband is able to view from his phone the scheduled medicines and administer while I’m away. Thank you for a great app! –HomeschoolMom! via Twitter
  • Share it all the time
    I’m a medic in the US Army. I started using Medisafe for my own service related conditions and loved it. Now I share the app with patients, doctors, nurses and fellow medics all the time. After learning about medisafe many of the providers I work with recommend it to their parents on a regular basis as well as utilize it themselves. William C.

Doctor Patient

What Doctors Say

  • Excellent reminder
    I’m a doctor and still forget my 10am medications. This app, particularly synced to my watch, is a great help. Although one feature is not much use to me I like the detail of the colour and shape of the drug as a visual reminder. – Malcolm W.
  • Perfect
    I’m a behavioral health clinical pharmacist and the parent of a special needs kid with a complex medication regimen.This app has been amazing for my family and my patients. The med buddies are an incredible option to help keep on track, and the various layouts with pull images really help those who struggle with their regimen complexity. Thanks! – Decante
  • PharmD, Community practice: Best one I’ve seen
    We have a small town community pharmacy, with various clinical programs and a big focus on adherence. I reviewed around 6 of the pill reminder apps at the top of various reviewer lists. The MediSafe app is easily the best, and by a loooooong shot. Earns all 5 stars: Great tool for patients. Thanks to all who built it.
    – App Store reviewer
  • Will Highly Recommend
    I’ve been a pharmacist for over 20 years and this app is amazing. Will be recommending it to all my patients. – – App Store reviewer
  • Brilliant
    Absolutely BRILLIANT App! I’m a retired Pharmacist and I just wish this had been available years ago for my patients. – App Store reviewer

phone_Medisafe_accessSo Much Beter Than a Phone Alarm

  • Always With Me
    The “pesky” alarm will not stop until you tell it you took your meds. I had a transplant and there are times I dismissed my IPhone alarm only to take my meds late. With this app, I have to make an effort to make it stop. Great!!! Plus the tracking of weight, blood pressure etc. makes my whole regime easy and fun. – Dougy-R.
  • Outstanding App
    I really like this app. I’ve been taking meds for a chronic illness for over two decades. I take multiple meds multiple times a day, and have long used notes, phone alarms, even a talking pill box to remind me of every dose. The Medisafe app covers almost everything you need to take and track your prescriptions. It’s easy to use and find your way around. I like being able to see the reports on pills taken, and the interactions checker is a big plus. Thanks for this considerate and intuitive app. It’s very helpful! – Melidawna
  • On Time Now
    I really like this app. It’s very different from the phone alarms I was using, and now I’ve been taking my medication on time. – Maricela R.
  • Ten to Twelve Times a Day
    I have to take various pills ten to twelve times a day. This app makes it easy to know when to take them and to see what I have taken. It is a massive improvement on the bits of paper and phone alarms I used in the past. I’ve been using this for several years and I would be lost without it. App Store Reviewer
  • Easy to use and effective at keeping me on track
    This app has helped me manage my many meds so much better than my previous system of phone alarms. I like that there’s space to make notes and observations. – Jbobthebuilder
  • PerfectI need to take meds twice a day without fail, at the same time. This app is perfect as a way to remind myself that doesn’t rely on my phone alarms. I would highly recommend this for anyone in a similar position. Rich J.
  • 100 Times
    Medisafe is 100 times better than a plain phone alarm. – Elizabeth K.



How Medisafe Helps Diabetics

  • Perfect This app is great. It has helped me get my diabetes back on track! – Nidever
  • Perfect if new to meds
    A recent diabetes diagnosis meant I’m taking lots of pills now. This app is perfect for remembering to take them 🙂 it lists lots of regular Medication – you can also add your own i.e vitamin pills. Invaluable I say.
    – Penfold
  • Great App!
    Finally an app in which all information comes together in one place. medicine alarm clock, blood pressure, diabetes, weight and more! but also an alarm to order medicines! and if it is not enough, you will get information about your medication but it will also be told in a video. This is now an app that makes full use of digital development and makes it TOP! Thank you! – App Store reviewer
  • Best I’ve found
    I use this app to track my meds and blood glucose. It’s the best one I’ve found so far for for hypoglycemics because it doesn’t have all of the extra diabetes-related metrics that most of the other tracking apps have. Being able to note my food intake alongside my measurements is a huge help, plus this makes it easy to export a history of my logs. 10/10, would recommend to anyone wanting to track almost any health-related metric or issue. – Brook T.

How Medisafe Helps With Parkinson’s

  • Keeps Me Moving!
    I take Parkinson’s medication 4 times a day. if you are not on time or miss a dose you don’t walk. This app keeps me moving !
    – William M.
  • Very Helpful for Us
    Use this app to help my wife take her Parkinson’s meds on time throughout the day. Very helpful for us and certainly recommend.
    Wes M.
  • Keeps Me On Important Med Schedule
    I have Parkinson’s and Epilepsy that required too many medications throughout the day and night.  Your app has worked well so far in keeping me on my important medication schedule. –
  • Solved All That for Me
    I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s on top of a couple of other conditions – I forget which meds I have had and when – this app has solved all that for me. –
    Marina M.
  • The Best
    Best medicine app. I take a lot medications for Parkinson’s and this is the best app. Easy to schedule and the reminders are excellent.
    – Paul B.


Helps With Taking Multiple Meds

  • Now I can feel safe
    I now can feel safe that I am properly taking 26 prescriptions. They consist of 48 pills, 5+ shots, use of 3 different inhalants 6x all at different intervals through out a 24 hour schedule.I love being able to go into a doctor’s office for a special visit and they ask for med list and I just ask the for an email and they get what ever they need. I always have changes, I make them right there as a doctor gives them to me. He too loves the app. GREAT APP!!! – Dorothy B
  • A literal (mental) lifesaver!
    I currently have 26 daily medications to keep track of with constant changes in     dosages as well as medications being substituted, added, & subtracted.
    With Medisafe, having an alarm to remind me to take my meds is another HUGE BONUS as now I don’t have to think about med at all during the day, Medisafe does it for me!  Our whole family is “Medisafed” as we are all “buddies” & are informed if anyone has missed a dose. Even our Labrador, Bea, is on MediSafe! User “WittsEnd”
  • WOW!
    Setting up my 4x’s daily schedule was a piece of cake! If I have to go back to 8x’s a day, well, I’ll be able to program it for that too. Other apps flash a quick reminder at me. If I’m busy, I just forget about it. I need the repetition!
    Also, the medicine cabinet can even schedule meds that are only taken once every other day or patches that need changed every third day! I get confused when I have to change my medicine patch. Now I’m reminded! Love this app. Tell a lot of people about it.  – Belivenpeac

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